NFL Weak 8 Powder Rankings: Bad teams have to win eventually.

By: Will Stevenson

For most, this NFL season has been a forgettable one. Ever since Week 2, the quality of play and competitiveness has continued to go down each week. With the injuries, new systems, new rules, and shorter times to recover with prime-time games, it all adds up to poor performances as teams just try to make it through the season in one peace.

But! Even with those explanations, these teams are bad. Really bad.

*Even though the football is bad, and teams are awful, teams are still winning games on the regular. The playoffs are looking to shape up nicely as bad teams begin to win a few games, good teams pull ahead, and the worst of the worst fall back and prepare for the draft. *

*The Texans, Titans, Jaguars, Colts, Bills, Dolphins, Chargers, Chiefs, Ravens, Bengals, Vikings, Packers, Lions, Saints, Bucs, Falcons, Giants, Eagles, Washington, and Rams are all frauds* All Frauds!

  1. 49ers (1-6)

It’s pretty much over for the 49ers in terms of playoffs, but rest assured they will begin the scouting and addressing their long term future. Their defense can’t stop, won’t stop. Their offense won’t start. “Hey Chip, just go before they fire you.”

  1. Bears (1-6)

The Bears have scored 111 points in 7 games this year. The return of Jay Cutler will look as it did before as the Bears begin the paperwork for the hardest gum-chewer in football, John Fox. Take the money Jay, take the money.

  1. Jets (2-4)

“We don’t believe you, you need more people.” Even the extra people you need don’t believe in you Ryan. We don’t believe in the Jets. It’s all bad, all of it. I hope Todd Bowles doesn’t get fired over this. I mean it’s Ryan Fitzpatrick, he’s not good enough to cost you your job. Is he?

  1. Browns (0-7)

The Browns haven’t won a game, but they sure as hell try. Their running game is very good, and their young quarterbacks aren’t slouches. Eventually they are going to win a game. The Browns lack talent, obviously, but they aren’t terrible like the rest.

  1. Panthers (1-5)

The last time the Panthers were in this situation, Riverboat Ron was being called into the office for a long talk. He was supposed to be fired, but the Panthers ripped off all of those wins and wound up beating the Cardinals in the playoffs because they had Ryan Lindley. Well, Lindley is not in the league, but the way this season has gone, anything can happen.

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