Run Jay Run

Tay Holloway

The Dolphins have found their running back and its actually someone they drafted last year. Jay Ajayi came into the league with an injured knee. All the scouts advised that he might not be healed and that you might want to stay away from him. He was rumored to be going to the Cowboys that year and they let then league leader in rushing Demarco Murray leave to sign a huge contract with the Eagles. He was not and the Dolphins took a chance and drafted him.


His rookie season didnt go so well. He was still hampered by his knee injury and had to deal with all the growing pains rookies have when they first get into the league.

His rookie season didn’t go so well. He was still hampered by his knee injury and had to deal with all the growing pains rookies have when they first get into the league. He played in a total of nine games and he had only 187 yards on the year. He was playing back up to Lamar Miller and he was not even that super at running back but he was better than Ajayi. Fast forward to this season and the Dolphins went out and signed veteran running back Arian Foster. He was coming off an injury that lead to him not being with the Texans anymore. They had pretty much said Foster was going to be the starter but then he got hurt and the chance for Ajayi to start and show his potential came to the front.

The Steelers game was at home and Jay was the starting back. He ran all over the Steelers for 204 yards and two touchdowns. This is a defense that people assume is good just based off their name but they really are not. They are struggling against the Pass and in the middle of the pack with the run stop. Big Ben did leave this game with injury so that made it even more easier on the Dolphins.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Miami Dolphins

Many people said that game was a fluke for him and he could not match his production again. He was not even projected to get over 100 yards this week. I guess Ajayi was reading the newspapers because he went out again this week and had 214 yards and a touchdown. This was against a Bills defense that was said to have one of the better front sevens in the league and they are a top tier team when it comes to stop the rush. They didn’t seem like it this week and they let Ajayi run all over them and give the Dolphins their second straight win. It must feel good to the Dolphins fans around the globe.  I know I would feel good and that also makes them 3-3 on the season and a division win that they needed.

The dolphins next five games are against the Jets, Chargers, Rams, 49ers and Ravens. I believe if they keep running the ball like they have that they can win three out of their next five games. If they go back to just passing all the time, then they will lose all the games except the 49ers game but all of this is a big IF.

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