Superbowl…. Maybe….

By  Melvin Jackson III

What a win for the Redskins last Sunday and that makes four in a row. I am excited and it’s a happy time in the nations capitol. Its been a while since we can literally smile and have a football team to be proud of.

Last week I said we needed to pump our breaks but this week we just need to press the gas peddle and go full throttle. This team showed heart and a will to win versus the Eagles. The Eagles could not stop the pass rush or the run game at all so we just kept doing it. The Eagles are missing Lane Johnson on that line, who is suspended for PED use.

The offense was clicking without the best tight end in football, who has a concussion. Vernon Davis showed he can still catch the ball and that he is one of the top 10 tight ends in the league. Cousins played outstanding and he showed why at the start of the season, I told you guys he can be the next Joe Montana but nobody believed me. He was very accurate against the number two ranked defense in the league. Jones had a field day running and he looked better then Adrian Peterson Sunday. I can’t believe he ran that well because he had me a bit worried this season.

In week 7 we play the Lions and I believe we need to go into Motown and blow them out by two touchdowns. If we lose, it will be because we let Stafford sit in the pocket all day and pick us apart. I really hope that our pass rush shows up again and I know for sure that Norman will keep Marvin Jones Jr from catching anything. So we will roll on to five wins straight and a tie in first place in the NFC East.



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