Yards and Yards

Tay Holloway

This season was going to be a season that the Raiders defense was going to bounce back and be that great defense that they should they had the potential to be. They had Mack on the team that was playing all over the field and making plays like he was a ten year veterans in the league but something has happened this season that they didn’t let happen last season.

This year the Raiders defense is giving up the most yards in the league and on a record pace. They are on the mark to beat out the saints who had the worst ever defense in league history. If you look at the raiders record you would not think that they are doing that because they have a winning record and they are leading the AFC West division over the defending champion Broncos.  So what is really the issue with the squad.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Oakland Raiders

The issue is they are missing Charles Woodson in the backfield. His veteran leadership and calling plays for the defense and getting all those young guys in the right spot is missing. They  don’t have a person that has the resume on the defense that can do it as well as he did. They just don’t have the swagger and they are leaning more on the offense and Carr’s arm more then ever. So lets say this again, does defense really wins championships or should we say a defense that gives up the least points wins championships?

The league ranks a defense on yards giving up instead of points allowed. I believe they should do points because a defense can give up a lot of yards but if they hold the other team from scoring points that’s all that matters. P O I N T S!!!!!! When Woodson was on the team, They didn’t give up that many yards or points but on the other side of the ball the offense was not clicking like they are this year. I think the Raiders are blessed they are till winning and have a above .500 record but they will have to keep it up and the season is not half way over just yet.



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