Moore Laughing with Allison Moore

13344590_1767573670152012_4649952583684969651_nBy Kim Dunning

Who is Allison Moore?  Well I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with our Sports Elite Radio guest on the phone.  Allison Moore is a native Virginian, born and raised in Hampton, Virginia.  Virginia plays into her comedy and her wit.  She’s the typical southern girl.  Her personality shines through even though we’ve never met in person.  Allison is a wife, a mother, a regular person just like anyone else, who has been blessed to make her living doing what she loves.  Allison is a comedian.  She is naturally funny and very personable.  Her comedy is a clean-cut style, meaning she doesn’t cuss, observational, modern and all of her comedy has a very powerful motivational message behind the laughter.

Allison got started in comedy by nothing less of pure blessings from above.  Throughout her life she had been told she was hilarious.  Before doing what she loves, she was the typical corporate America worker in Human Resources.   She began a non-profit called Robes and for the last 4 years, they have raised money and awareness for another local non-profit named X-Seeds, Inc.  X-Seeds is an organization geared towards helping the homeless local community.   While hosting her first fundraiser gala, the performing comedian came on stage and said he didn’t know why they had hired him when they had Allison who was extremely witty.  Although she wasn’t a student of comedy and wasn’t one to frequent comedy clubs, she allowed his comedy to be the encouragement that she needed to try her hand at her own comedy career.

When Allison posted on her Facebook page that she was going to become a comedian, the positive vibes came pouring in.  Most of the responses were, “it’s about time you followed your calling”.

When Allison says she is blessed from above she means it.  In an effort to get stage time and video footage to use for marketing, she decided to produce her own show at a 150 seat restaurant.  Within three weeks she sold out.  She produced another show a few months later and that show doubled in audience members. And the same again a few months later.   This definitely proves that she was meant to become the motivational comedian, producer and entrepreneur that she has become.

Allison’s is now the owner of MooreLaughing, LLC.  MooreLaughing supplies comedic entertainment, speaking and corporate workplace trainings. MooreLaughing also produces multiple events and Sports Elite is a sponsor of Allison’s upcoming October 29th  comedy show entitled “Moore of a Laughing Matter”.  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, a portion of the proceeds from this show will be donated to X-Seeds. X-Seed’s co-founder is a breast cancer overcomer.  X-Seeds will use the proceeds to give resources about Breast Cancer awareness to transient women.

Allison is a sports fan.  Her favorite sports are basketball and football. She loves the sport of basketball. She says that technically, her favorite team is the Miami Heat.  However, she follows her favorite players Dwayne Wade and LeBron James.  She isn’t one to think why did they run this play or that play, she just enjoys the entertainment of the game.

As for football, she used to be a Baltimore Ravens fan but since losing both of her parents who were hard core Philly fans, she decided to continue in their footsteps and has switched loyalties to the Philadelphia Eagles.  Again, she is just someone who enjoys the entertainment of sports without overthinking it.

Allison’s final message was very powerful.  She said if you have a gift, regardless what it is, it is a calling that you shouldn’t look past.  For years’ people laughed at her humor but she didn’t capitalize on that gift and if it wasn’t for that one push she would never be where she is today.  If your gift brings you joy and in return gives joy to other people, don’t waste it.  Your calling is your core, find it and use it for positive means.   When asked what she wanted to get out of her comedy, entrepreneurial pursuits and her life, she wants to leave a legacy and after speaking with her, I believe she is going to leave a very big one!

To book Allison Moore as a motivation speaker at your event, please go to her website.  She can also be followed on Facebook or Instagram at comedianallisonmoore.


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