The Wild Week 6 Review


By Kim Dunning

Let’s face it, the NFL’s week 6 was interesting.  This is the week where you start seeing dominate teams pull away, teams that now have no chance to make the playoffs start to play spoiler and you see the division standings starting to take shape.

The Thursday Night snooze fest, and yes it was once again that many people did not finish watching.  This week we were treated to the Chargers and Broncos.  Most people thought the Broncos would win since they have a defense but in the end the Chargers left victors.

Sunday’s games thankfully, were more entertaining and not many needed a nap to get through.

The Steelers not only lost to the Dolphins, they lost their hopes and dreams because quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is out with a meniscus tear in his knee.  The Dolphins handed the Steelers their second loss but the bigger one is having Landry Jones as the backup.

The Eagles were also handed their second loss and looked like the Eagles NFC East fans love.  The ones who can’t do anything right! The Redskins slid past their division rivals for the win and second place in the division.

The Jags finally did it! They won their first game.  They beat Chicago by a point, but hey a win is a win.

Cleveland almost pulled one out against the Titans but the Titans were able to hang on and win by 2.

Bills, Patriots and Kansas City all had wins by big margins and unless they are your favorite teams, these games were passed by for lack of excitement.

The Giants and Ravens made it a game but the Ravens couldn’t keep up with the Giants and ended up dropping their second straight.

Other close games were the Panthers and Saints, with the Saints beating the NFC Champions to hand them to the bottom of the division with only one win.

The Lions and Rams was a good game and very back and forth.  That game almost came down to who had the ball last.  Lions won but only by 3.

The Chiefs beat the hot Raiders in Oakland yesterday by routing them by a score of 26-10.

The Falcons and Seahawks game came down to the last few seconds and a very bad no call by the referees on Richard Sherman who was interfering with Julio Jones.

Dak Prescott continues to take Tony Romo’s job and sealed a difficult decision on the bye week.  The Cowboys for the first time in 8 years were able to beat the Packers in Lambeau Field, by a convincing 30-16.

Sunday night football was boring until the fourth quarter.  By then most Texan fans had jumped off the bandwagon and went to bed.  The Texans made a huge comeback and ended up winning the game in overtime with a score of 26-23.  The Colts are self-destructing and it doesn’t look to get any better.

Monday Night Football, use to be a time to look forward too and then we get the Cardinals and the Jets.  It’s beginning to be a lot like Thursday Night Football, not worth watching unless it’s your team.  The Jets crash and burn season continued.  Jets players looking like they want to murder Fitzpatrick.  The Cardinals rolled to a win in this game.  It was really just a beat down.

Week 6, the time where dominate teams are beginning to show and teams are crashing and burning their way out of the playoff race.  Stay tuned for Week 7!
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