Hold on Skins

The Redskins are on a win streak right now and as a Redskin fan all my life it feels great. I must say it was really shaky at first but then I have to press the brakes.

The first win against the Browns was almost a disaster. I do thank Duke Johnson Jr for fumbling in the 4th quarter and giving us the ball and Redskins actually scoring off that turnover. The Redskins could not stop the run for anything and Cleveland was running their way to a victory.

The next game was against the Giants. We were a interception away from losing that game after crazy play calling from our staff. It seems to me that they didn’t want to win the game and was praying Eli bailed them out.

The last win was against the Ravens, Because C.J. Moseley fumbled the ball into the end zone for a touch back and give us the ball back. We won by six points so you take Crowder’s Kick return touchdown away and we lose.9597856-jamison-crowder-nfl-washington-redskins-baltimore-ravens-850x560

We are leaving too many chances on the board and too many penalties. I wish we get help up the front 7 because we have given up so many rushing yards. I wish we bring back pot roast but I don’t know what the front office has against him.
This week we play the Eagles who are coming off a very close lost to the lions. I think of we can muster up the strength to stop the run we will win. If Kirk goes out there vs a very good Philly defense and stink it up we will lose. Also it looks like Jordan Reed might miss the game with a concussion.

I think my skins win 21-17 in a close game and move to 4-2

Written by Melvin Jackson III


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a husband and father who love sports

2 thoughts on “Hold on Skins”

  1. Hello my name is Jeremy and I currently am a college student and am writing a research paper on concussions in the NFL and found your blog about MVPs and was wondering if you had the time if I could ask you some questions about the topic maybe via email?


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