Redskins defensive woes

I dont understand for the life of me why Joe Berry is the coach of the defense. He seems to not understand that we need help up the middle to stop the run. We have been giving up 100 yard rushers every week and making these running backs look like the next Sanders.

The tackling of this defense is horrible. Everyone is in love with arm tackling and wonder why the player is breaking the tackles. They need to learn how to wrap the defener up and make the fundamental tackle.

The bright spot on the defensive side is Josh Norman. He has made plays and has not given up a touchdown to a player he was covering. He is making tackles, has a interception and trying to keep his team in games but he cant do it all alone. He needs help and this off season they need to address that defense in the draft with some young studs.

The next few games for the Redskins will be hard and I’m not excited to see it because of the defense. If we don’t get it together we could be looking at 2-6 going into the bye week which will leave a nasty taste in my mouth but it will also call for he heads of Jay Gruden and Kirk Cousins.

Written by Melvin Jackson III


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a husband and father who love sports

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