What did Phil Jackson say to Melo.. I Noah guy



Jokiam Noah

From the moment Noah was drafted from the Florida Gators you just knew their was something special about him. He wasn’t always the fastest or most athletic but you couldn’t out work him.

Saturday night he got to show the garden faithful just that, for a player who only scored 6 points he impacted the game greatly. Noah held Marc Gasol to 20 points on 5/20 shooting. However it was his passing that really stood out.

Noah finished with a team high 7 assist. Often grabbing a rebound ( he had 10) and leading the fast break then finding a open man down court. How many true centers can do that in  today’s league? One maybe two.

This was huge for the Knicks who finished with 24 assist on 40 made shots. The ball movement which is so prevalent to the clubs success was their on Saturday night.

For all the talk about Rose, Melo, and KP Jokiam might just be the Knicks most important player. Let’s be clear the Knicks will probably struggle to defend all year long, but as long as Noah can protect the paint and get key stops they will be ok.

One thing the Knicks can’t win with-out is ball movement. Their bench is to raw for a one on one offense. Rose and Melo can’t play iso ball and exclude Porzings.

This is were Noah is key. If Noah has the ball players Noah ( see what I did their) he will find them easy shouts. So you will see guys like Lee and Rose cut to the basket. You will see guys like Melo and KP set screens to get other players open looks.

Noah gets the offense moving and keeps the pace at a blistering speed which is a “Major Key” for the Knicks.

Plus the yelling, chest bumping and his overall demeanor make the Garden a much more exhilarating place to be.

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Can The Ravens Turn it’s Season Around?

By Billy Clemmons

Losing sucks.

Think that’s something we can all agree on.

Losing an NFL game sucks even more

Part of the intrigue and popularity of the NFL is that one game means so much, and it’s why the 32 teams are closely evaluated every single week.

And, when a loses, they are held accountable by you, the fans, and, of course, members of the media. In fact, the first thing we do after a loss is face the music with reporters. It’s mandatory. They are required to open our locker room to reporters within 10-12 minutes of the game ending.

No doubt, it is hard. Look, if you’re fortunate to play or coach in the NFL, it means you are very good, elite in many ways. To get to this level, you are driven. Winning means something. That’s part of why you reached the pros. Losing is startling. It’s not what you expect. You can’t get a loss back.

And, you have to talk about that defeat with people whose job it is to serve as a conduit between us and you, the fans. Reporters ask some of the same questions you would ask: “What’s the deal with all the penalties? What were you thinking going for it on fourth-and-goal? It looked like so-and-so and so-and-so got beat on the Odell Beckham winning touchdown, right?”

The Ravens have gotten a lesson in the NFL’s game of inches so far this season.

If the Ravens want to turn their season around, they know they have to close out games and make plays in critical situations – both on offense and defense.

As for Forsett being released, although the move was a surprise, it wasn’t exactly a shock. The three knocks on Forsett is that he’s an aging running back with a big contract who’s coming off an injury.

Forsett’s career in Baltimore will end after just two seasons. The running back signed with the Ravens before the 2014 season and went on to lead the team in rushing in both 2014 and 2015. Whenever Forsett ends up signing with a new team, it will mark the sixth time in his NFL career that he’s made a move.

For the second time in four years, the Baltimore Ravens have fired their offensive coordinator during the season in an attempt to jumpstart a middling offense. The Ravens announced the personnel move Monday morning following the team’s 16-10 loss to the Washington Redskins.

The latest victim is former Bears coach Marc Trestman, who took over the Ravens job back in 2015 and crafted the NFL’s 25th-best scoring offense without the services of quarterback Joe Flacco. So far in 2016 with the Pro Bowler under center, Baltimore is 3-but only scoring about 19 points per game, or half of what the league-leading Atlanta Falcons are posting. Longtime offensive coordinator and current quarterbacks coach Marty Mornhinweg will take over play-calling duties.

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Spurs-Kings Recap


By Cam Perry

The San Antonio Spurs beat the Sacramento Kings 102-94 to win their second consecutive road game to start the season. It was the first night at the Kings new arena with the old and current NBA commissioner there with Sacramento playing harder on defense with new coach Dave Joerger than they ever did last season.

Kawhi got off to a strong with 12 points to carry them early on, but for the second game the Spurs second unit gave them the scoring punch they needed in the first quarter. The biggest surprise in the game was how good DeWayne Dedmon looked out there. He was the second best player for the Spurs in the first quarter scoring 8 points in only 5 minutes of action. Demarcus Cousins was nearly unstoppable in this game and he was able to get every basket he wanted when Pau Gasol was defending him. The 27 combined points from Cousins and Rudy Gay gave San Antonio problems in the first half.

Leonard ramped up his defense late in the late in the third quarter to lead the charge on a 16-2 run. He picked the pockets of Ben McLemore on back-to-back possessions and simply made him ineffective after that. The lack of production from the starters outside of Leonard allowed the Kings to go on a 12-2 run tie the game at 83 with a little more than 7 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Gasol didn’t get as many minutes towards the end of the game since Pop elected to put in DeWayne Dedman because of his effectiveness on defense against Cousins. Lamarcus Aldridge was quiet for most of the game until he started to draw fouls and make key shots down the stretch to help put the game out of reach. Leonard had another MVP performance with 30 points, 5 assists, 5 steals and 3 rebounds. Cousins also had a big game with 37 points and 16 rebounds.

Dedmon really stepped up his game from how bad he played against the Golden State Warriors the other night. If he continues to play this well, it could prove to be another home-run signing for San Antonio. The most impressive thing about this kid is the fact that he didn’t pick up a basketball until he was 18, and has this much raw untapped talent. He will be a key piece moving forward as he continues to improve as a basketball player. The Spurs play the New Orleans Pelicans next and expect Pop to tweak his lineups due to the fact that Gasol has not looked comfortable the first two games of the season. A lot of it could be attributed to being in a new system as most Spurs fans were worried about the play of Aldridge this same time last year too.

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4 Down 8 To Go

Joey Logano solidified his spot in the semifinal round of the Chase for the Sprint Cup with a win on Sunday at Talladega Superspeedway. Denny Hamlin earned the last bid with a third-place finish that gave him the tiebreaker over Austin Dillon.
A relatively slow day at Talladega, Known for its wild racing and huge crashes saw neither one sunday. Besides a pair of crashes and some debris the race was pretty clean. A lot of drivers played it safe, those that were good in points hung out in the back to avoid any carnage.

Austin Dillon, Martin Truex,Chase Elliott and Brad Keselowski were eliminated for the championship. The biggest surprise was Brad Keselowski who lead multiple laps but due to overheating issues lost and motor and Martin Truex who was the early season favorite for the Championship lost a motor early on in the Alabama 500 and Did not finish.Chase Elliott had a great season as rookie and made a lot of progress but him and his team isn’t ready for a champion run, yet! And Austin Dillon, who had snuck in the chase was on borrowed team anyway, but still a good run for the young RCR driver.

NASCAR heads to the short track of Martinsville next Sunday as the 8 drivers are left fighting for the cup!


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Going Broke….

Tay Holloway

Being a professional athlete is something that a lot of young kids aspire to be when they are a child. It is nothing wrong with being a dreamer and wanting to do everything you can to reach your goals.  Little girls and boys, see the flashy life style of these young athletes on the television and also see them hanging out with their favorite music artiest. It goes hand in hand in today’s professional sports world. Unfortunately, not everyone dreams will come truth because only a small number of people actually make it professional and an even smaller number make it a career.

On draft day in any sports for an athlete it’s like a dream come true or it can be your worst nightmare. Just because you are the first pick overall it does not mean you are going to have a great career. You can go undrafted and become a fixture to a franchise or even a hall of fame player. The scouts mess up as well and they have to live with the what ifs of passing over a player that they thought would not be good. The professional ranks have something I like to call the ” Underwear Olympics”. They bring players in who are basically in their underwear to do drills to see how fast they can do them. There are critics to say this is pointless and I agree. Let’s look a Tom Brady draft combine numbers which is I got from NFL Combine results.

  1. 40 Yard Dash -5.28 sec
  2. Three Cone- 7.20 sec
  3. Verdical Leap- 24.5
  4. Woderlic -33



  1. 40 Yard Dash-4.68 sec
  2. Three Cone- 6.75 sec
  3. Verdical Leap – 31.5
  4. Wonderlic- 32



The draft Does not mean a think if you actually can’t play the game and be able to withstand the wits of people that come around you for the wrong reasons and try to get you to be friends so they can fulfill their greed for money. It is not questions when you are going to a professional sports a lot of your family, friends and signification others see you as a paycheck. A harsh reality for such a young person to be able to swallow


Once you are in the league and you sign your nice contract and get that signing bonus you won’t know what to do with yourself. You will see the most money in your bank account you ever seen in your life. It is all yours to spend on whatever you want at any moment. If you don’t have people who really care about you around you then you can easily spend all your money on things you don’t need in one day. Most players don’t think about if they get hurt or they just done pan out what they are going to do next. They mind is Pro career or bust and unfortunately it happens way too many times.


Keon Clark was a big man in the league who made his way by just pure hustle and heart. He found his notch in rebounding, blocking and playing defense. He was just a role player and fit well for the raptors and he was paid a nice contract to just do that. His demons messed up his dreams with drinking and drug use. His career was cut short and he spent all of his money and now he is currently in and out of jail for various charges. HE WENT BROKE!


Antione Walker was a first round pick by the Celtics and he made his way to the Heat to play with the subbing star Dewayne wade. He won a NBA Championship with the heat and things went down hill from that point. He got a nice contract but his weight issues and constant spending on family and friends cost him all of his money and eventually he was out of the league with no income.  He is now speaking and letting young athlete know the dangers of the people around you and to not spend your money in all one place.


Latrell Sprewell was a big name in pro basketball and he made headlines when he Choked his coach and also when he said that he could not feed his family off a huge contract that he was offered. The reason he wanted more money was because he was living above his means and spending his money on a lavish lifestyle that he could not afford even tho he was making millions of dollars a year. His yacht and home was reposed and he went BROKE! He is spending his days now helping other athletes in the league to not make the same mistake as he did.

When your playing days are over weather its by your terms or not the world is still going around. You will have to have a back up option to keep the money going and your lifestyle. If you did not save any money or make smart investments then you will find yourself working a normal job. If you did the smart thing then you will be well off and can just relax the rest of your years. Vince Young had a promising career and so did Vin Baker. They played professional and they ended up out the league. They all lost money and had to go back working a regular job like the rest of us. Vince Young ended up using the rest of the money he saved and open a restaurant, that saved him from the huge fall but he still went broke.  Vin Baker is now a manager at Starbucks and that’s a way different pay grade then he had in professional basketball.


If you want to dream big to be a athlete, please do I am not hear to shutdown your dreams and aspirations but please make sure you have the right circle around you and make the correct choices because when its all over and the limelight dims, all the people who you thought loved you and was your friend will walk away because their money leech is now draft. Don’t be lift hanging just because you WE BROKE!!!

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Championship or Bust


By Brandon Thomas

There was no team in NBA history that had ever overcome a 3-1 deficit…. that was until the Cleveland Cavaliers led by LeBron James and Kyrie Irving became the first team to overcome this deficit, not only did they do it they did it against a team that won 73 games in the regular season.

For Warrior fans, this was a long offseason, questions about how team would rebound. Could they make another run with the team as it was constructed?

Then came July 4th 2016.

The Warriors landed the most prized free agent in this year’s class, former MVP Kevin Durant giving the Warriors a record four All-NBA players on one team. Durant’s acquisition made the Warriors the overwhelming favorites to win the championship this season. Durant brings a deadly scorer that teams have to honor down the stretch of games (Cleveland seldom guarded Harrison Barnes in the 4th quarters of the NBA Finals) and Durant provides a major upgrade in all facets of the game. This season all eyes will be on the Warriors, and anything less than a championship will be considered a bust.

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The Hunt for the Redzone October

red-zoneBy: Will Stevenson

They always say it’s best to never meet your idols in person. They say it’s better to admire them from afar, while they are in their element. If you happen to meet them out on the street, their cloak of deity could evaporate with a slight, or a refusal to acknowledge you. The same ca be said for childhood crushes. Speaking from experience, I remember being head over heels for this girl in my class. I studied her every mannerism, eavesdropped on her conversations, asked her friends what she liked, and admired whatever she wore; I loved that girl. A few years passed, and through Myspace we reconnected. We talked on the phone and reminisced on the old school days. I asked her out on a date, in which she said yes. So that day came, I met her at a bar (I was too young at the time to realize what a “bar date” meant) and had a few drinks. Actually, she had a lot to drink. I paid, thinking that was the gentleman thing to do. About an hour in, I went to the bathroom to re-assess my life, I came back and she was talking to some other guy. I approached, they both laughed: It was her boyfriend. Turns out they were just using me to get drunk for free.

This is exactly how the gameplay for the NFL has been. These games lure us in with things of the past, get drunk off of us, give themselves to another, and wait for next week when we return to them again. We only seem to remember the good things about watching football: Drinks, food, family, friends, Hail Mary, basically the things they show in commercials. What we don’t realize is these games take almost four hours to watch, commercials on end, and so much time in-between plays that you have time to zone out to something else. We have deceived ourselves as the technology and NFL have progressed. We don’t watch the game the same way we use to back in the day. The amount of options available at our disposable has made watching football, disposable.

The Redzone has now become a blessing and a curse. When I think about the Cleveland Browns, I only think of them in a confusing light. When I look at their record, they are winless, but I only seem to recall watching them score. How can that be? Oh yes, the Rezone only shows me when they have the opportunity to score, therefore you have no idea how they got to the 4o yard line or that there 13 play drive was; 4 screen passes, 3 runs for loss, 3 more check downs, 2 penalties, and a beautiful touchdown pass on 3rd down. That’s the thing; You never see those plays! You know when you see those long, exhausting drives? The stand-alone games: Thursday, Sunday, and Monday Night Football.

How many games to do you watch from start to finish on Sunday? How can you with all of the options. You would literally just have to have basic cable or go to a restaurant in which you only can catch one or two games. We know Brock Osweiler is bad because we’ve had to witness the Texans on Primetime four times at the least. He’s bad. We get it. Think about it, the Seahawks vs Cardinals ended up 6-6 OT in the Sunday Night game. That game, if at 1pm or 4:15pm would be on the Redzone Channel maybe four to five times, and that would only be for the field goals attempted.

We don’t care though. The NFL is giving us booty-juice every single week, but we still come back for more. We keep thinking it’s going to get better, but it doesn’t. Just like I still messaged that girl after the “bar date”. Sometimes, winning isn’t everything… Scoring is.

Jags vs Titans Thursday Night. Enjoy!

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