NFL “Weak” 3 Powder Rankings

The idea of the Powder Rankings is that this list will get shorter as the season runs along, but something tells me the same teams will continue to appear week after week.

1. Bears 0-3

God that was awful last night. The injuries have taken the Bears apart defensively, and when you couple that with your starting quarterback being Brian Hoyer, it’s bad.

2. Jaguars 0-3

These are your uncle’s Jaguars. It’s crazy to watch the hype machine meet reality. The Jags have talent on offense, but it didn’t show it’s face in the fourth quarter as Bortles and Flacco competed for,  “Who’s INT turn is it?”

3. Jets 1-2

Ryan Fitzpatrick.

4. 49ers 1-2

They picked the wrong time to play the Seahawks. They’re running defense was non existent as they allowed Christine Michael to run all over them. I knew I should’ve taken the points.

5. Buccaneers 1-2

Four touchdowns ago the Bucs were looking up. Now, after losing to the Rams at home in overtime, it looks as if they will struggle all year long. The LA Rams haven’t scored a touchdown since Michael Jordan was wearing 45.

6. Dolphins 1-2

Yes, they beat the Browns, but the way the Dolphins are playing will put them in position to look for a new quarterback in next year’s draft as well as some new defenders.

7. Browns 0-3

Your kicker was signed on Saturday. Terrell Pryor was out there like it was Pee-Wee football as he played every position possible to push the Browns to victory. Well, they are the Browns and I can’t deny that, but I must certainly cannot overlook their efforts on the road.

8. Bills 1-2

Look, they played Arizona in the pick of the week: The Cardinals do not fair well playing eastern time zone games at 1pm. So yes, they won. The defense actually turned the Cardinals over,but that was too be expected.

9. Lions 1-2

Just like the 49ers, the Lions ran into a Packer team ready to get back on track offensively.  Marvin Jones had a career day, but that Lions defense did what they do,  give up big plays.

10. Washington 1-2

Well, you won, barely. Watching the Giants turn the ball over in the redzone was vintage regular season Eli.

11. Panthers 1-2

Wow, the Panthers looked like it was the Superbowl all over again. The offensive line was completely taken over as the Panthers only victory this season is against the 49ers. With every pass, Cam Newton gets closer to that one injury that will put him out for the season.

12. Titans 1-2

Another week. Another chance to win. Another loss. When you depend on a 35 year old Receiver to get you a win, then the odds of you being good aren’t great. Their defense has kept them in games this season, it’s the offense that has yet to match their output.

13. Bengals 1-2

A loss to the Broncos isn’t too bad, considering the Broncos are on their path to the playoffs again. But the Bengals losing at home in blowout fashion is concerning as the Steelers and Ravens will be tough divisional games this season.

14. Chargers 1-2

Injuries aside, the Chargers did what the Chargers do: lose close games. They are now 3-11 in these close games under Mike McCoy.

 15. Colts 1-2

Sometimes playing another team just as bad as you is the perfect way to build a winning mindset.

The Saints and Falcons play tonight, and both have been bad since last Sunday, so no need to pile on.

The Giants returned to form and the Cowboys beat a dismantled Bears team, so that keeps them off the list.

The Seahawks won in offensive fashion as Russell Wilson went down again, but it was impressive enough.

The Rams are winning the division, they won on the road and scored touchdowns, does that deserve to not be made fun of at this time?

Although the Texans didn’t show on Thursday night, they are division contenders.


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