Rose and Rape

Tay Holloway

The former NBA MVP is in some hot water currently because a female has accused him and some friends of a gang rape. Anytime the word rape is involved, any sane person would cringe. I guess that will tell you rape is not OK, so when it’s a professional athlete who is in the spotlight its gets blown to be a even bigger thing then the regular Joe blow on the couch.


The woman, who does not want to be identified, states that her and Rose had a consensual sexual relationship but one day it went wrong when he invited her over back in 2013 in California when he was healing from yet another knee injury. Rose, over some time, had asked the accuser for group sex and she denied his request. She was at his home with him and her friend and they were drinking, but she claims Rose spiked her drink with some type of drug that knocked her out on purpose.


The accuser said she doesn’t remember much of what happened but what she does remember is three men raping her without consent, one of the men was Rose and she woke up the next morning with her dress up, lubricant  all over her, used condoms in the room and internal pain in her vagina. Rose states that the sex between her, him and his two friends was consensual and he does not believe that he did anything wrong.


I must point out that this is not a criminal case against Rose rather just a civil suit against him and his two friends. There is a settlement offer on the table and if the case is not settled then Rose is in danger of missing some preseason games. This guy is with his new team and he will need to work with them instead of being caught up in court on a sexual case. This does not look good and it seems like Rose might get the attention of the NBA if he is found liable for the rape of this woman.



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