My hate for the Washington Redskins



My hate runs deep but I decided to interview a few fans from the both sides of this rivalry. Just to get their point of view on things and not just give my own. So let’s begin

WILL WILLIAMS- Avid Redskin fan and Fan captain


Tay-When did you start getting into your hate for dallas?

Will-When I was 5 years old

Tay-How does it feel emotionally to lose to dallas?

Will-Honestly it feels no different from any other two. I view losing to them in two ways I feel about losing to the other teams. If it’s a blowout it’s a laugher to me. If it’s very close and it comes down to final minute it’s heartbreaking. Like last year Monday night. It was tight whole game, the D-Jax fumble hurt, I was sad then he made up for it with the TD. I got excited but then we couldn’t stop Dallas from getting in FG range and they won with like 12 seconds left. I hate losses like that, to all teams not just to Dallas. Losing to Dallas to me is no different from losing to the New York Jets. I hate Dallas but my hate don’t affect me in losing to them, no different from losing to other teams. To me its about close games or blowout games.

Tay-Does it feel different for you when you win against Dallas knowing they’re the rival? Is it a different win from any other team?

Will-No same as losing to them. I’m going talk trash but beating Dallas does two things, get’s a win in the division and conference. Now I would say, It depends on what’s at stake. Week two this year nothing’s really at stake. 2012 the east was on the line so yes it was a extra bonus to win the division while eliminating your rival at same time. If we both played in a NFC championship for a shot at the Superbowl, I think it would definitely be different as far as winning or losing.

Tay-Is your hate for dallas more because of the fans,team or just for old rivalry sake?

Will-Mainly the fans. It started with my dad he was a Cowboys fan. He used to always say how the Redskins were sorry, but growing up they was one of best teams and Dallas was sorry. Over the years the Dallas fans were the ones who really got me to hate them. Just their arrogance and cockiness like they couldn’t be beat and was just so much better than everyone.

Tay-How far have you gone to show your hate for Dallas?

Will-I once applied for a apartment. It had everything I wanted in it. Got approved and I was there with the money order in hand for security deposit and to sign the lease. I asked the leasing agent my address she said 4444 Dallas place. I put the pen down took my money told her I’m not moving there. It was the only available address I said it’s no way I’m having anything with my address on it with Dallas on it, not my license, all my mail, nothing. I found out and moved to another place.


The next person I interviewed is the Dallas Cowboys fan captain Mr. C.J. Richardson

Tay-When did you start getting into your hate for the Redskins?

CJ-Being that I’m a lifelong Cowboys fan, living in Virginia it was easy to hate the Redskins. This is presumed Redskin territory! They talk a lot of crap but have unrealistic facts to support it. So, I guess the answer would be all my life, I’ve hated the Redskins.




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