Packers week 1

By Melvin Jackson


The season is about to kickoff and the green bay packers play the Jacksonville Jaguars this week. Let’s take a look at both teams. The jaguars are coming off a season where they exceeded the small expectations that they had. Allen Robinson and Hurns turned out to be great choices for second year man Blake Bortles. Their defense was decent but they did not have a chance in the world because they could not finish games and displayed poor execution on both sides of the ball.

This season the Jags have upgraded on defense with Myles jack and Jaylen Ramsey. They also stole Prince Amukamera from the giants to help that defense. Their offense added the running back Chris Ivory to their back field.

The packers did well last season even without their number one recieving threat Jordy Nelson. They did learn that Randle Cobb is not a number one receiver and DeVante Adams needed more time to grow. They still have a healthy Aaron Rodgers so that lets you know that they will always be in the game.

This season the expectation is for the Packers to win the NFC North and to be a Superbowl contender. I do believe they have an excellent chance to win both. My prediction for this game is that both teams will play well but once the game settles down I have the packers winning 41-31


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