It has been a while since the Washington Redskins have had a roster to be proud of. We have suffered through some turbulent times since 1992 and it has shown on the fan base including myself. We are so hungry for some type of success that any type of good play we get excited for. I know I do because I believe in this team and their potential to be Superbowl winners.

The position of focus is going to be the tightend. We have a young stud that’s leaving defenders with their ankles broken and hearts on edge. His name is Jordan Reed and he is making the best out of his talent. He has had a few seasons here he could not stay off the injured list. That was frustrating and it almost caused for his dismissal from the team. They stuck with him and last season he paid them back with a performance  that people like myself knew he was capable of. He became Kirk Cousins best friend on the field with the fly routes and slants out of the slot or on the line. His number show he played better than any tightend in the league other then the man beast himself Rob Gronkowski.

The only negative thing I can say about Reed is that, he does get a lot of holding calls when he is blocking. I don’t understand why he cant get right with that but i guess every player has their Achilles heel. He needs to work on not putting his hands in the face and getting us costly penalty yards where it would have been a first down but now we are facing 3rd and long. That puts the team in a bad spot and you almost certainly tell the defense that you will be throwing the ball instead of the element of surprise.

In my opinion, I think Jordan reed is the best tightend in the league. He is an all pro and he got the contract to prove it. I think we made the right move to extend him and give him the money he deserves to keep him with us foe years to come. There are no defenders that can stop him because they are either too slow or too small. He is a defensive nightmare and better than the man himself Rob Gronkowski. The redskins are very lucky to have a player like that on their team and I cant wait to watch him tear it up again this season.


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