Rings vs Medals

By: Melvin Jackson III


The debate over championships rings vs gold medals are heated up when Carmelo Anthony and DeAndre Jordan both stated that they think winning a gold medal is better than winning a championship. That made me think for a second but then I realized those two players were missing something…..

The reason we play the game is to win championships. You don’t play 82 games a season for pro basketball or 16 pro football games just to say nevermind I rather go home and not win a championship. I believe that only players or franchises without a championship would try to justify not having a championship ring.

The argument comes in where some people actually believe that a gold medal is more prestigious. Playing for your country is an excellent feat and should not be taken lightly. You play for that gold medal once every four years against other countries best athletes. Once that is over you are going back to your respective team to play for a championship.

I believe Carmelo Anthony and DeAndre Jordan are crazy. They will never win a ring so I guess in their minds they will have to settle for the next best thing and that’s a gold medal. Never in my life did I ever think that I would see athletes in the professional world, not care about winning a championship. I think only a losing mentality would try to justify things like that


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