By Tay Holloway


Everyday people work towards goals they may have set a few years or months prior. The goals can by buying a house, car, reduce debt or just plain anything they desire to make happen. People get to that finish line and they can see the crossing tape and then in a blink of an eye it goes all down hill and you don’t reach your goal. That can be hurtful and make people question if they made the correct choice. I have been let down in the past and that has made me feel some type of way myself. I was taught that anything worth having is worth working for so that’s why i strive my best to reach all goals I set for myself

In the sports world, the Minnesota Vikings set a goal years ago to break those strongholds that was keeping them as a basement dwelling team. They started by using the draft to help them on the defensive side of the ball and then they went to the prime position which was quarterback and drafted Teddy Bridgewater.


He came into the league backing up Matt Cassell but things quickly changed. He became the starter and his backup was Christian Ponder. He played well and gave Vikings fans a sense of hope in his rookie season. The coaching staff put him into a system where he only had to throw short passes and rarely threw a deep ball. Those type of plays help young quarterbacks gain trust and confidence in their arm and development. In his second season he came in more ready then ever and lead his team to division title over the rival Green Bay Packers, who are always heavily favored to win that division and with good reason. The Vikings organization put a good defense around him and gave him weapons such as Stephon Digg and the already established future hall of famer Adrian Peterson.

This season would have been his third but it was cut short by a horrible knee injury and of course the chatter is that the road to the Superbowl goes across the bridge to Bridgewater. I have to beg to differ because I think this team has weapons all around and can win deep in the playoffs with the right game manager under center. They can become a heavy run team like they were with Peterson anyway which kinda help take the pressure off Bridgewater. I would not write this team off just yet because there is still time to grow and develop this season and they are young. They are playing this well with one of the youngest teams in the league which is scary.



To have a good camp, look sharp in preseason, grand opening of a new stadium and then your star quarterback gets hurt in a non contact drill is heartbreaking. It makes you wonder if all the goals you set years prior to get better was even worth it. The vikings have historically been struck with bad luck when they was tinkering on the line was being good but then something always happen to know them a few steps backwards. It could be fate or a knockdown for a huge comeback. I still think they are favorites to win but it will be a battle especially in a division that is usually run by Aaron Rodgers.




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