The Juice


In professional sports you will always have something that a lot of fans and especially organizations do not want to see. It can be gruesome and it came be ugly. This thing can alter a franchise for the better or for the worst. This thing can change the life of a professional athlete for years to come and this thing is called Injuries.

Injuries can happen at anytime to a person who play sports and to a person who does not. The human body breaks just like your vehicle. In time parts need to be fixed and maintained. The crazy thing about injuries to your body is that sometimes we never know if something is about to happen. Its not like we can actually see our ACL to tell if it’s on its last string, literally. You can just get up to walk one day and it tears. It’s a bad situation and you will need time to heal. everybody is different but father time will always be undefeated.

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

In the Dallas Cowboys sake, they are in yet another hole because of Tony Romo being injured. Last season the team could not win without its star quarterback. The team went on to draft a quarterback in the 4th round of the draft, his name is Dak Prescott and he is out of Mississippi State. The plan was to groom him under Romo for a season or two to give him a chance to develop, as young players need that type of thing when coming into the professional ranks.  This time around, Dak wont get that chance because he will be the week 1 starter due to Romo being injured and out for sometime. This is not the first time Prescott has become the starter of a team. On all levels including professional he became the starting quarterback due to injury and he never gave the job back to the previous player.


In my opinion, I did like what I saw from Prescott, but I am not sold that he is the answer. However, I was not sold on Tom Brady as the answer when he took over for Drew Bledsoe. I think I will know for sure when I see him in a real game and not just preseason. He has shown me that he goes through his progression on his reads and he has a good understanding of the playbook, audibles and player placement. He is showing what a rookie is supposed to show you in the preseason. The rookie has to show that he has some level of understanding on how to play at this level and to be able to stand tall in the pocket and know when its time to run. He has not been hurt and has proven to be durable but football is a sport that can take a toll on anybody so time will tell with that. This is also a sport that can humble anyone very fast because once these coaches have you on film they can dissect your game play and tendencies better than any doctor on earth so their team can have the edge on game dayNFL: Preseason-Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys

The Juice is now in the hands of Dak Prescott. I say that because being the leader of the Cowboys is a big thing. People don’t want to admit it but all eyes are on this team no matter what. People will love and hate the Cowboys. This team can win no games for ten years straight and they will still be played on prime time and Thanksgiving . It’s just the way things are and will always be. The leader of the this team will always get the most hate even if they are a really nice person. Tony Romo gets a lot of hate and flack but he is actually a quiet guy who is a family man and just a nice person overall. You would think he was some type of jerk that was rude and hateful towards people. The hate juice is now handed to a rookie who I hope has thick skin and does not read the things said on social media.






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