By Lawrence Edwards

By now I’m sure everyone has heard the news about the unfortunate events surrounding Teddy Bridgewater and his gruesome ACL tear in practice yesterday. It’s a huge blow to the Vikings who had Superbowl aspirations and saw Teddy Bridgewater having a pretty good preseason. The Vikings will now turn to Shaun Hill to come in and start at QB and they will also most likely add another veteran to the roster. Shaun Hill is a serviceable QB to keep them above water and let the defense help win games, but the real savior here is non other than Adrian Peterson.

With Teddy out for the season, it doesn’t take rocket science to know that AP is about to EAT this season. They will feed him the rock constantly and it isn’t like AP hasn’t handled that duty before. Minus the one good season under Favre and the arrival of Bridgewater, AP has always been what drives the Vikings offense. With that being said, this brings me to my topic and question of this article. Could Adrian Peterson crack 2000 yards again this year and maybe go get those 9 yards he left on the field in 2012? Now I know you might think this is a little far-fetched but I have 3 reasons why this isn’t impossible:

  1. He was the NFL rushing leader last season at the age of 30. Only one other person has done this, Curtis Martin in 2004 for the New York Jets
  2. He isn’t your average running back, he isn’t even normal.
  3. He’s Adrian Peterson (Yea I’m using this as a legitimate reason, I mean come on!)

Adrian Peterson came back from an ACL tear in 2012 to almost break the single season rushing record, if an ACL tear couldn’t slow him down what makes you think the age of 31 will? Adrian Peterson is a running back like no other. It doesn’t matter how many people they put in the box, Peterson will get his yards one way or another. He’s 30 years old and was the rushing leader last season. The Vikings will turn to their veteran play maker to once again bring that magic to the team that he always has. I’m sure Shaun Hill will have full access to the playbook and will have to be at least average to give the Vikings a shot, but Peterson will be the focal point of defenses. Focal point or not it doesn’t matter. AD knows that he is the man being looked at to carry this team once again. He hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down even after missing an entire season with legal battles. The Vikings and Adrian Peterson know what’s at stake and they know he is their savior and for that reason he will see a high amount of carries this season. AP could very well run for 2000 yards again and this time break the record. I’m not saying it is likely but it certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility. I mean Peterson was built in a lab, not born.




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One thought on “2000”

  1. The thought of A.P. rushing for 2,000 yards this yr appears to be a reality with Bridgewater hurt. The offense is structured in Peterson’s favor. Now earlier in the off season I thought AP was a lock for 2,000 but the Viking’s usage of Asiata and jerick McKinnon had me back off that. Especially because of third down usage. Now I’m full circle and think the Viking’s will acquire a QB and AP is now the 3rd ranked running back in Moon Man’s latest rankings. He is rising up draft boards!! AP for 2k in 2016!!!

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