Lace the lacy

By Melvin Jackson III

A few years ago, the Green Bay Packers were in desperate need of a running back. They were depending on Aaron Rodgers to throw almost every down and could not mix up the play calling. They were still winning, but the element of having a ground game was still missing. They didn’t turn to free agency, instead, they turned to the draft to get young legs.

Eddie Lacy was drafted out of Alabama by the Green Bay Packers. There was speculation that Alabama running backs just didn’t make it in the league. After the Browns drafted Trent Richardson out of Alabama, he had one good season and fell off terribly. He is currently out of a job after being cut from the Ravens. So, of course, the Packers had their thoughts that he might not work out, but they gave him a chance anyway.

While attending his first training camp, Lacy had noticeably gained a lot of weight from his college playing days which made the mainstream headlines, but during the season he ran hard and gave the Packers what they were looking for. When Rodgers got hurt with a broken collarbone, the offense rode Lacy’s back and just remained above water until Rodgers was healthy.081516-nfl-green-bay-packers-eddie-lacy-1.vadapt.664.high_.0.jpg

Last season, Lacy made some bad choices, he almost ate himself out of the entire rotation. He found himself not being able to move and shift like he use to. He was also sitting on the bench more then he used. Then the speculation started again that the Alabama running backs just don’t last. However, he did shake some of the rust late during the playoffs vs the Washington Redskins. He had over 100 yards rushing and a touchdown. But that’s about all the bright spots he had last season.

This training camp, Lacy has come to camp leaner and lost a ton of weight. He went on the P90X program to help him get the weight off and he also changed his eating habits. This type of stuff shows that he saw the issue and wanted to fix it so he can continue to play at a high level. Will this season be his bounce back year? I think it will, so LACE UP LACY and ride him to the playoffs…20160530-2


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