By Melvin Jackson

The Packer fans have been spoiled with quarterbacks over the years. They did not have to go through a number of QBs to find their man like the Browns, Redskins and Panthers. They had their guy right under their nose, learning from hall of famer, Bret Favre. He didn’t come from one of those big flashy schools like Alabama or “The” Ohio State. He came from a small school, or should I say humble beginnings, and developed into “THE BAD MAN” that he is known as today. That man is none other than: Aaron Rodgers!

Rodgers is the leader of the Packers team and offense. He has been the leader for a number of years now and is one of the elite quarterbacks in the league. Currently, in my opinion, their are only 3 elite quarterbacks in the game and that is Rodgers, Brady and Brees. People tend to look at the weapons that surround the quarterbacks and make such claims that they are only this good because of this and that.



Rodgers has not had the best offensive line in recent years. A few years back he missed approximately 9 games due to a broken collarbone. The best offensive line in the game is Dallas, and they even got Tony Romo hurt twice last season. I guess it does not matter how good your line is, if you get hit the right way you will get hurt. The Packers line has a lot of holes and a lot of older veterans who are just past their prime. They do give Rodgers time to throw strikes to his receivers and he does have decent rub blocking in Eddie Lacy. Basically,  you can’t use the offensive line as reason for his success.

The receiving corps for the Packers has been pretty good. Rodgers has had the talents of Greg Jennings, James Jones, Donald Driver, Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson. When Greg Jennings left the Packers for the Dolphins, he was basically never heard of again, so either Rodgers made him into a good receiver or the Dolphins just didn’t have a good quarterback.  Jennings did bounce all over and never found his groove again so maybe it’s true Rodgers made him.  Last season Jordy Nelson went down in camp with an ACL injury and was forced to miss the season. Rodgers did struggle a little with new receivers and timing but they still managed to go the playoffs and win a playoff game on the road vs the Redskins. Rodgers basically didn’t miss anything and carried that team on his back with no running game from Eddie Lacy.

The running game has been weak since Eddie Lacy’s rookie year. They drafted Lacy for a reason, because they didn’t have a running game and the Packers offense was basically pass first on every down. This made them easy to defend but they still were winning because Rodgers always found a way out of no way to squeeze out that win. So if someone wants to claim that the running game was a reason then that’s also a lie.

The Packers defense has never been something to write home about. They are one of the most undrafted defenses in fantasy and their numbers have not been that good. The offense, led by none other than Rodgers, scores a lot of points to cover up their miscues and all the yards given up to the other teams. The NFL ranks defenses on yards given up instead of the smart way of points given up. A defense can give up the most yards ever like the Saints did but if they are not scoring points I believe they are doing their job. The object of the game is to score more points then the other team. The Packers defense did just that and stopped teams from scoring on them at critical points in the game. But if it was not for Rodgers throwing arm this could be another discussion. So if someone wants to say Rodgers has an elite defense helping him out, then yup, you guessed it, that’s a lie as well.

Overall, Rodgers is basically leading this team and putting them on his shoulders like Jordan did with the bulls. He has one ring and has gone to the playoffs multiple times. He barely has any real weapons other then Jordy Nelson and finds ways to win even when playing on one leg, like he did in the 2014 playoffs vs the Cowboys. He still went out and showed that no matter what he is a BAD MAN that cant be stopped. The packers will always be a contender while he is under center. He is the man, A BAD MAN!!

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