Viking: What Will it Take to Win?

Sports Elite 

Written by LaDonna Williams



There are a few things that need to happen for the Vikings to win their division again this year.


  1. Teddy Bridgewater– Teddy has a lot of pressure on his shoulders this year. This year he needs to focus on throwing to his wide receivers more. The Vikings need a deep threat which they will have them with Stefon Diggs and Laquon Treadwell. Hopefully, Bridgewater has worked on that part of his game. We all know he is quick, can run, but his arm strength isn’t that great. As well, he needs to work on his accuracy last season he had nine interceptions.


  1. Adrian Peterson– Well, all AP needs to do is be AP. Last year he had 1485 yards and 11 touchdowns. He also averaged 4.5 yards per play. He needs a repeat of that again this year, but minus the fumbles. He had seven of them last year. He needs to hold the rock better this season.


  1. Their offensive line to make holes for AP and protect Bridgewater. This off-season the Vikings added tackle Alex Boone, former 49ers player. They also added tackle Andre Smith, former Bengal. Now they have the most expensive offensive line in the NFL after signing these two.


  1. The defense last year was great. Last year they ended with a top five defense in the league. They also have one of the deepest secondary in the NFC. One thing the defense needs to work on is turnovers. Last year they gave up 875 yards, because of penalties. This number is way too high for top five defense.


Now, if the Vikings are able to do these things. They will be able to control the conference again with no problem. As well make it further during the playoffs

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