What Happened to Guys Competing for a Job?

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By Matthew Brice

When it comes to the game of football, one of the ways that a player finds himself in a starting role, is competing for the job.  Why is Nick Foles exempt from that?


After the Rams drafted Jared Goff from Cal, then-starter Nick Foles demanded that they cut him.  I understand the frustration.  After all, Foles is a former Pro Bowler who showed some signs of being very good.  So, why not go into camp and prove yourself?  Instead of crying about it, go in and show Coach Fisher, as well as your teammates, that you are the man for the job, by outplaying your competition.  That also earns you the respect from your teammates, as well as your peers around the league.  If you don’t win the job, then humble yourself and wait your turn, as you did in Philadelphia, or remain patient and someone else will come calling for your services.


But, crying yourself out of the competition, may backfire.


What franchise, in their right mind, would want to touch a QB that doesn’t have the backbone to compete for his job?  If one can’t be man enough to standup and say, “If you want it, come take it!”, then is he really man enough to lead a team with 52 other individuals?  This is a league where, work ethic plays a big part in separating the great and good football players, from the average football players.  There’s a reason why, former sixth round draft pick Tom Brady, and undrafted free agent Tony Romo, have made it, while former first round draft picks Ryan Leaf and Joey Harrington, didn’t make it.  With that said, Foles needs to take a page out of Drew Brees’ book, after the Chargers drafted Eli Manning and traded for Phillip Rivers to replace him.  Show your worth, and compete like a man.


Otherwise, whining and complaining could very well ruin your chance with another team.


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