Don’t Sleep On Stefon Diggs

By LaDonna Williams

The Vikings 2016 season is upon us. Last season it was the Adrian Peterson show. He had over 1000-yards in rushing, over 200-yards in receiving and he had 11 touchdowns. While he was doing his thing, there was a rookie wide receiver showing the world why he should have been drafted higher than he was. His name is Stefon Diggs. He played for Maryland was drafted in 2015 in the 5th round. Last season, Diggs led the wide receivers with 720 yards and he had 4 touchdowns. He did all this and he didn’t even play until week four. Imagine what he could do playing every game.

Minnesota Vikings v Denver Broncos

This season the Vikings did add Laquon Treadwell in this year’s draft. Which I think is a great addition to the team, but Diggs will still be the number one receiver on the team. He became a leader on the team in his first year. Everyone thought that Mike Wallace was going to be the main target last season, but with Diggs speed and great hands it became a no brainer who was number one on the team.

“The Vikings’ offense… led by Teddy Bridgewater… should finally become a unit that shouldn’t be taken lightly and able to put up points on the board. And with their already stout defense on the opposite side of the ball, Minnesota could repeat as NFC North champions”.

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