Who is Jedd Gyorko?



By LaDonna Williams

This season watching the Cardinals has had its ups and downs. Now it’s after the All-Star break the Cardinals are still in second place. They are 6.5 games behind the Cubs. Lately the Cubs keep losing and the Cardinals have been winning. One person has played a big part in their success, his name is Jedd Gyorko. The question is, who is this guy?


Gyorko was born in 1988 in Morgantown, Virginia. He played youth baseball there and grew up watching the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team. He went on to play college baseball at West Virginia University. He got drafted by the San Diego Padres in 2010 while he was a junior in college. He didn’t make his MLB debut until 2013. He played with the Padres until 2015. In December, Gyorko got traded to the Cardinals for Jon Jay.

In May, I went to Cardinals Spring Training with my mom. I remember seeing him and he was doing great. He played great defense and was hitting the ball. All I could say was “thank you Padres for this guy.”

The start of the season Gyorko didn’t play every game due to the fact Matt Carpenter and Kolton Wong were starting the games. Now with Carpenter and Peralta hurt, Wong is playing outfield. It is time for Gyorko to shine. That is what he is doing: Shining. He is showing us he deserves to start every game.

Let’s talk about his last 15 games. He has 17 hits, 14 RBIs, 7 homeruns, with a batting average of .333. His slugging percentage is at .741. In his last 7 games his slugging percentage is at .821. His bat has been on fire and as a Cardinal fan, I am very happy he is on our team. He has been very exciting to watch. Now if we can get others to follow his lead, we will make it to the playoffs again.


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