Unrealistic Expectations: A Fans Life

Written by Ralph Uriarte


Every season millions of sports fans across the globe begin with such high hopes and dreams for our favorite teams, all have dreams of championships and awards, only to have hearts broken and dreams shattered.

The beginning of a season, a fresh start for teams across the globe in hundreds of sports. Fans express their views and hopes on social media and sports writers make all kinds of predictions based on the off season.  Nobody truly knows how a season will play out but we all hope to finish with a trophy, medal or ring.

There is only one winner at the end of every season, only one team is number one. The rest of the division, the conference and the league are losers. Yes, they’re losers. If you aren’t the winner then you don’t matter. Nobody but you and your fan base cares about the goals you made, the home runs, shots taken or touchdowns. The NFL gives the team that loses the Super Bowl a ring as well as the winner, does anyone brag about the ring they got from losing a Super Bowl?  No, no they don’t. Sometimes the league MVP is not a member of the team that wins the championship, that makes for an awkward interview. The media wants to pick your brain and and shove cameras and microphones in your face but your team lost and everyone questions if you deserve the MVP honor now.

When your favorite team wins, you can not only celebrate the entire off season, but for years and you can look back and point at that winning team and that championship for decades and say, they did it. They won, everyone else lost. A team can have a horrible record and have lost time and time again over the last ten years and fans will still point to those trophies from twenty years ago and tell you they used to be great, they still have championships, they do not disappear,  championships do not expire, wins can not get dusty, they are forever.

This is the problem, most teams have won a championship at some time, whether it was in the last  five years, twenty years or fifty years ago, so every fan knows there is a chance this could be “their year”, the year they win it all. Sports writers find all sorts of stats and Las Vegas puts odds out of who they think will win, fans and media pick apart the team and will tell you why their team will win and why they will win the division, conference and league title.  The reasons given why a team will win a championship are nearly  endless, but, nowhere nearly as long as the excuses when the team loses. When our teams lose we want to find any and every excuse. We blame everything and everyone. It has nothing to do with the fact that the team wasn’t good enough. No, that’s not it. It has to be something else.

Human nature compels us to want to be the best, to be winners,  and society tells us that if you didn’t win, you’re a loser. Nobody wants to be a loser, so fans come up with excuses for their team to make themselves feel better. Fans point to their stats, records and former championships when they lose, those make it feel better. 

Losing isn’t fun, but losing is a part of sports and a part of being a sports fan. Our unrealistic expectations set fans up for failure, fans see everything through rose colored glasses and cannot or will not see the weaknesses of a team. The first loss of a season hurts the worst, then as they pile up it breeds anger, then eventually after a few seasons it’s cold and numbing. Some fans leave and cheer for a new team, others sit patiently and watch quietly. Hoping for a miracle. Sometimes that miracle happens, sometimes it doesn’t. The next season fans will still have unrealistic expectations. 

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