Kirk Cousins Put Up or Shut Up!

By Brandon Thomas

My how the landscape of the Redskins has changed.  Just over a year ago there seemed to be a divide amongst the Redskins fanbase, there were those who strongly backed the teams Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Robert Griffin lll and then there were those who believed Kirk Cousins, the teams fourth round draft pick, was the right guy for the job. Then there was training camp and preseason and then in a game against the Detroit Lions we saw RGlll take a beating (while only completing two passes) and ultimately leave the game with a concussion. Finally, in comes Kirk Cousins who would lead the team on a scoring drive all while running the offense much more smoothly and efficient. Cousins would follow that up with a strong showing against the Baltimore Ravens, which subsequently led to head coach naming him the starter for the entire 2015-16 season.

The decision was met with mixed emotion. There were some Redskins fans that thought RGlll didn’t get a fair shake, there were others that fully supported the move. Cousins would later get off to a shaky start but would catch fire and break several Redskins passing records along the way. Cousins threw for over 4100 yards to go along with 29 touchdown passes to 11 interceptions for the season.  Cousins was arguably one of the hottest quarterbacks going into the postseason. 

This offseason the Redskins had a big decision to make, yes Kirk Cousins had one of the best statistical quarterbacking seasons in Redskins history, however it was his first full season as a starter and many Redskins fans feel the body of work just isn’t enough to be paid big money like the other elite quarterbacks in the NFL. 

Kirk Cousins can change all of this. He’s now had a full season as a starter, he has the same head coach, the same offensive coordinator, and he has more weapons. The Redskins added what many scouts called the best receiver in the draft in Josh Doctson, he still has the speedy DeSean Jackson to go along with an emerging superstar tight end in Jordan Reed. A follow up season to the one he had last year would ease the minds of a lot of Kirk Cousins naysayers and thankfully, we will find out soon enough.


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