Rays Up! Player Spotlight: Taylor Motter


This has been another forgetful season for the Tampa Bay Rays. In a season full of mediocrity, there have been several games where you hopelessly will turn on the tv to hope they can turn it around. But with the departure of some of our better players and injuries to Keirmaier, it has been tough to get into this season. With players like David Price, Jeremy Hellickson, Ben Zobrist and Wil Myers a distant memory, there are several young players that could potentially provide a spark. (Before probably being traded for more prospects.) This is the unfortunate situation about being a Rays fan. Being a small market team we just do not have the funds to compete in free agency with the other teams in our division. That is not even counting the rest of the league.

A player I’m going to do a spotlight on today is Taylor Motter. The Rays drafted Taylor in the 17th round of the 2011 draft. Motter’s Alma mater Coastal Carolina is fresh off its first ever College World Series. Motter has had a rough start offensively in some forced mop up duty due to injuries. He has had some flashes, but has failed to put anything together so far. He’s played in 34 games and had 80 at bats. His batting average is a low .188. Motter has knocked in 9 RBI’s with 2 home runs. While the offensive numbers are not inspiring, he has flashed on the defensive side of the ball. Motter has logged playing time at the following positions: First Base, Second Base, Short-Stop, Third Base, Left Field, Right Field and Pitcher. He did all of this with only two errors. He has shown some good range, with a fairly strong-arm. Will he be the answer? Maybe. Is he going to be the next Zobrist? No. He is a serviceable utility player, but I think he will be a good plug and play player who can come in to give some of our starters some rest and fill in during injuries.

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