In light of the recent events that have taken place over the last two days I decided to write something a little different this week. I doubt many will read this or even come across this article, but when I woke this morning my original article idea for some reason wasn’t sitting right with me. I felt like I needed to write this…


RED: I chose that color for the cover of this article to represent the bloodshed. The bloodshed from the brave men and women who protect this country of ours and to represent the bloodshed of innocent American citizens by the hands of the people we should be looking up to. I saw two disturbing videos the last two days that shows the lives of two American citizens being taken by the hands meant to protect. Yes I understand the use of deadly force when needed but it seems the supposedly “protectors” our streets like to flirt with the line of necessary force and the rush of power they feel have been bestowed on them. There is a sickness spreading in the country and it is one that has been around for a while and “power” is that sickness.


Not all cops are bad and I’m not going to sit here and act like they’re, because we know the feeling of being labeled something just off the actions of a few. However, I believe the good ones are the ones that can make the difference. If enough good officers stand together to rid corruption and weed out the racist, identify the power hungry and properly discipline those who abuse the badge then we might be able to put a stop these senseless killings. At the rate we are going we are dooming ourselves as humans and it seems it will only get worse. My community is angry and we have every right to be. We have a war already going on in our communities that has been an ongoing battle to stop and now we also have to fear some of the people we turn to, to protect us.


I served in the military honorably for 5 years and completed two deployments in that time. In the military EVERYTHING had a consequence whether for the better or worse. EVERYONE was accountable for their actions and no bad deed went without proper discipline regardless of race, rank, or religious beliefs. Everyone is looked at the same. We were a brother and sisterhood that took pride in protecting the citizens of our country from foreign or domestic threats. My point is why ALL law enforcement can’t follow the same concept. Now not all cops are bad and not all sweep things under the rug or protect their own from their illegal actions but it is happening a lot in this country and it’s sad to say that we are scared to step foot outside our homes now. Some of these police are getting away with actions that would send your average citizen under the jail for life. The more this happens and the less proper action that is taken by the good cops and those in command will only bring more officers thinking they can kill and get away with it. I fought for this country so EVERYONE could be free, to give EVERYONE a right to live their life. The sad thing is all this violence make ask myself where my sacrifices in vain? I protected a country that still has people with major authority (not all of them) who don’t like my kind and would love nothing but to see our demise. But then I also think that mine and my other military brothers and sisters sacrifices were not in vain because besides the fact the wicked exists we also protect the lives of the good. Only way we can fix this issue is if WE ALL recognize there is one. Notice I didn’t use the word “Black-American” when referring to Alton Sterling and Philando Castile’s murders. Reason being is because anyone with eyes can see the color of their skin. I referred to them how they should have been treated and that’s as an American citizen who has the same rights as the ones with skin a lot brighter than ours. It’s sad that in this day and age and after so many have fought for equal rights (black and white) that I am even writing an article on this topic and it still feels as if we are being targeted in this country. Hurts my heart that I have to look at my daughter, nieces and nephews and fear for them as they grow because the color of their skin makes it a danger for them. Especially when so many fought so this wouldn’t be. This country celebrated Independence Day 3 days ago but we should ask ourselves no matter who you are… ARE WE REALLY FREE?


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You want to know about me? Well I’m 28 love sports, techie, somewhat of a nerd you know! I was born and raised in New Haven, CT. I left for the Navy at 18 and became an Intelligence Analyst for 5 years. Now, I'm System Administrator for a computer science company and working with technology which is my passion. I love sports, football over everything, #NYG4L, but Basketball is my second love, Go Celtics! I am boxing and MMA fan as well. My hobbies are reading and writing about sports as well as learning new and exciting technologies. That's enough about me go check out my blogs as well as some of my teams blogs on our sportselite1.wordpress.com page!

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