Yankees Would Acquire King’s Ransom for one of the “Big Three”

By Michael Eccleston

Let’s just be honest here: It hasn’t been pretty watching the New York Yankees in recent years. The Bronx Bombers have progressively gotten worse, and at a record of 31-32, they haven’t shown much promise that this trend is going to change anytime soon.

Boy, what would “The Boss” George Steinbrenner say about these Yankees right now? I’m honestly afraid of the thought alone.

This team has way too many question marks on it to be one of those teams that can make a run for the postseason this year. The starting rotation is lacking an ace. CC Sabathia has arguably been their best starting pitcher. Wow. Never did I ever think I would say those words again. Michael Pineda has just flat out disappointed, Luis Severino clearly isn’t ready to be in the major league rotation just yet. Pineda and Severino were supposed to be a couple of the keys for the Yankees this season. The offense has been about as streaky as it gets. 75 percent awful, 25 percent phenomenal. Starlin Castro got off to a great start but cooled off, Alex Rodriguez might as well start thinking about retiring after this season instead of next, Mark Teixeira has given you exactly what you would expect from Mark Teixeira… Brian McCann is hitting .222… Wow. Carlos Beltran can’t do everything himself.

A Rod

Not exactly the kind of lineup that can compete with the Boston Red Sox… And the Red Sox aren’t going away anytime soon. Just sayin.

It’s amazing that the Yankees organization will just never learn. Stubborn. Hard-headed. There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe it. GM Brian Cashman has been trying to fix these open wounds with duct tape instead of using any of these veterans to acquire young talent for the years ahead. It’s too late for that now when it comes to most of those said veterans. But currently, if you haven’t yet thrown in the towel and we really want to talk about the chances they have of making a run for the postseason, they are lacking that difference maker, whether it’s in the rotation or the starting lineup. If only they had some valuable trade pieces to get them some talent…

Oh, wait, the Yankees have three of the most talented relief pitchers in the world. As much as Yankee fans love having Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller, and Aroldis Chapman out there in the bullpen to close games out, the team needs to actually be winning the games in order for them to be unleashed on a daily basis. Having a great bullpen is important, but I feel like it’s more important for a team that is ready to win right now. There are plenty of teams who would feel like acquiring one of these three flamethrowers could put them over the top, and the Yankees need to take advantage of that opportunity. What’s more important: Keeping probably the most talented bullpen ever intact, or fixing the pieces of the team? There are plenty of holes on this roster that can be filled by trading one of these pitchers, in the immediate future, a year or two down the road, or both.

The future of the Yankees doesn’t look too bright right now, and I don’t care how many World Series rings they have won in the past, I wouldn’t trust their organization to get the team back on track given their recent history. When the team was struggling, you used to count on them to make the big moves to right the ship, but these are not the same Yankees.

They need to get something done in order to fix this current mess.




2 thoughts on “Yankees Would Acquire King’s Ransom for one of the “Big Three””

  1. I agree that having a killer bullpen is quite a luxury that any number of major league teams would love to have. Unfortunately for the Yankees, this amazing trio is only effective in a tie game or with a lead. The Yanks are trying something revolutionary, winning games backwards !
    if and when they wake up and realize there are too many holes in their lineup that are neutralizing this phenomenal group of arms, they might find their biggest bargaining chip to be Aroldis Chapman, who at $11.3 million is coming cheap. he would bring a nice return from a contender (Cubs, Nationals) looking for that lock down closer.


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