How long will Tony Romo keep playing?


Ralph Uriarte
May 26 2016

Recently an ESPN article reported that Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys and quarterback Tony Romo believe that Romo can compete successfully for another 4-5 years.

Tony Romo just turned 36 years old, he is also coming off of surgery to repair his left clavicle, damaged in the 2015 season by the Philadelphia Eagles and again by the Carolina Panthers. This is the same clavicle injured in 2010 by the New York Giants.

Romo contemplated strengthening the clavicle with a metal plate but instead opted for the Mumford surgery which shaves down a portion of the bone relieving stress.

Romo’s last injury free season was 2012, also since 2008 he has only had 2 injury free seasons, 2009 and 2012.

Injuries include, transverse process injury to his back, clavicle injury, herniated disc and broken fingers

At 36 years old, the only starting quarterbacks older than Romo are Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Carson Palmer.

The biggest difference between Romo and the above mentioned? Those quarterbacks don’t play NFC East teams 6 times a year. No doubt home to heated rivalries and hard hitting defenses.

Most of Tony Romo’s injuries have come by a division rivals.

Now with the facts stated, can Tony Romo play 4-5 more years? No. Not for the Dallas Cowboys. Tony’s contract is until 2019, 3 more seasons. Tony will be 39 at that time

Maybe the back doesn’t bother Tony anyone, hes already a year removed from that surgery, maybe the left clavicle is fine now, Romo does have the luxury of one of best offensive lines in football.

Cowboys also drafted a great blocking running back.

Here lies the problem, Romo is highly mobile and very elusive ij the pocket, he extends plays down field giving his receivers a chance to get open, asking your line to block for that long against NFL defensive lineman is asking a bit too much. This is how Romo gets hurt, that and he always seems to fall awkwardly.

Will Tony Romo play 4 more years, no, I’ll be surprised if he makes it to the end of his contract.

The man is tough, yes no doubt, but eventually enough damage is enough.

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One thought on “How long will Tony Romo keep playing?”

  1. I could write a lengthly obituary of all the “possible QB of the future” QBs in Dallas since Parcells left. The way Jerry thinks, you’re gonna need Stephen to reel him in when the time comes to replace Romo.

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