Coach Shipp: Man, on a Mission

By Kim Dunning 

Coach Shipp is a great man who has a single mission in life: to better our youths’ lives. Who is Coach Reginald Shipp? The answer is more complex than you might imagine.  

Coach Shipp is a father of five. Two of his daughters attend college at Shaw University and Mountain View Stat Junior College. His other two daughters are in high school and he has one son, who is four. He is married to a wonderful woman who is his best friend and support network. She understands that what he does for others takes him away from his family, and has a purpose. This is the man behind the scenes.

What is amazing about Coach Shipp is that he is a humble person who doesn’t like to talk about himself. If you ask him questions about his mentoring he will talk your ear off, as mentoring today’s youth is his main focus. Coach Shipp is a mentor to young men who do not necessarily come from the best situations in life. These young men have been dealt a bad hand in life and Coach is there to help them find a way, even with adversity, to become better men. This is a cause that is near and dear to his heart.

Coach Shipp did not come from the best of backgrounds. He grew up in two rough neighborhoods and he fought every day to survive. His mother was a drug addict and his father did not come into his life until he was older.

When he was six-years old, he met another young man by the name of Ellery Lundy. Mr. Lundy is a big reason why Coach Shipp could make his life better. He attributes his life to him. Ellery introduced Coach Shipp to football.  

Football became his saving grace and now he is paying that forward to the young men he coaches and mentors.  

Mr. Lundy now has a foundation called Broken Men’s Foundation, which helps men build resumes and community service skills, among other opportunities.  

According to Coach Shipp, if it wasn’t for Mr. Lundy, he may have ended up as just another statistic in the streets.

As a result of his background, he is a huge advocate of getting young men off the streets by getting them involved in football. This is Arena football and he is now the owner of the Capital City Reapers. Through the Reapers, he helps his players’ transition from outdoor football to indoor football.

Coach Shipp has an extensive resume. He has not only owned a team but he has played semi-pro football. He considers himself the Charles Woodson of his time. He played many positions: from wide receiver, defensive back, running back and quarterback. When asked, he said his bread and butter positions were running back and defensive back. He retired from playing at age 37 and became a community man. While he was invited to different camps, he never got any further than that. He did play in the European League.  

On his coaching resume, he became a full-time coach in 2010. He has coached the York Capitals to a 2015 undefeated season that ended with a Championship win. The Capitals are out of York, Pennsylvania. More recently, besides coaching for the Reapers, he is the Defensive Assistant and Defensive Backs coach for the Virginia Titans semi-pro team, along with his friend Terry Haynes. The Titans, owned by Lavar Matthews, another great friend of Coach Shipps’. Mr. Matthews provides men with the same opportunities as the Reapers but they are an outdoor football team.    

Earlier in his coaching career, he met a young woman by the name of Elle Locust out of Harrisonburg, Pennsylvania. As a result of working with her, he became an advocate for women in sports. Coach Shipp was impressed with Ms. Locusts’ knowledge and the way she handled the players. He has written her letters of recommendation for an internship with the NFL.

Most recently, Coach Shipp put out a call, on Facebook, for female coaches. This is a call Sports Elites’ own Tay Holloway answered.  

Coach Shipp coaches young men from the ages of 19 to 27. His oldest player has indoor football experience, but had an injury and now plays with the Reapers to sharpen his skills to move back up into the next level. None of his players receive compensation. He has also coached a developmental team.  

Out of the 30 players he had on his developmental team, eight of them went on to get paid positions and the team was able to send three of the young men to school.

Coach Shipp mentors men of all ages. He is involved with the We Care Organization, which was founded by Mr. C. J. Richardson. We care teaches life skills and teaches young men how to be humble no matter what their experience. We Care is also involved with helping out the homeless and sending kids to camp. Most recently, they had a block party to teach the children that all police officers aren’t bad and that there are bad seeds that happen to get the media attention.

When not coaching, playing or mentoring; Coach Shipp enjoys watching football, basketball, baseball and boxing. He is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan from back in the day when Danny White and Too Tall Jones played for them. He is a Lakers fan and a Washington Nationals fan. He loved boxing, but said it has become boring since Mayweather retired.

Coach Shipp is the humblest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. I asked him if he had one person that he has mentored or coached that he was proud of. His response was, all of them. His goal is to mentor young men to become better men so they can be better to their wives, girlfriends and eventually their children. He is all about the pay-it-forward motto.

His goal in life is quite simple and something we should all live by. If you can improve someone’s life, then you have lived your life with a purpose.  

Coach Shipp is an incredible man who has fulfilled and saved many young men from the streets. He is a man on a mission and has worked hard to continue to better not only his life, but everyone’s life he has touched.  





Inside the numbers

For the Knicks last nights game was so much more then a regularimage season win. The passion in the garden was so evident that even Derrick Rose had to acknowledge it. Their was a playoff atmosphere in the air, and the Knicks didn’t disappoint. Let’s take a deeper look inside the numbers.

Their are a few numbers I want to take a look at and the first is 30. The Knicks held the Blazers under 30 points per quarter, expect for the first quarter where Portland put up 33 points. After the first quarter the Knicks clamped down on defense and held the Blazers to 25, 23, and 22 points per quarter the rest of the game. With such a tight game ( their were 20 lead changes) the Knicks needed to defend in order to win. The club also held the Blazers to 27% from three (6/22). The Blazers average 108 per game but were held to 103. So the numbers show the Knicks put up a very impressive defensive effort.

Now let’s take a look at the offense, the Knicks have to move the ball in order to score. With 26 assist ( only 13 turnovers) on 45 made shots they did just that. Jennings doing his best Mark Jackson impersonation had 11 assist off the bench. All this ball movement led the Knicks to a 46% shooting clip. From the three point line they shot a respectable 31%. The offense primary ran thru KP as he put up his second 30 point game of the season. Porzingis used an offensive array of moves to power his way to 31 points. Step back 3s check, Cuts to the basket check, Alley oops check, fade away shots check, post up moves check. KP was firing on all cylinders last night.

However when it came down to the 4th quarter Derrick too charge. It was his pose and composure that allowed the Knicks to hold the lead. Derrick took charge of the game and dictated the offense. Rose sealed the win with a step back jumper with 3:15 left on the clock. Rose had this to say about his performance

”I’m not here to bust or brag but I’m used to being in positions where I have the ball in my hand, playing in Chicago,” Rose said. ”I’ve really played like that my entire life, through grammar school, high school, college and here.” – D.Rose

The Knicks used a group effort to pull this one out with six players scoring 7 or more points. All in all the club looks to have come together after holding a team meeting a few days ago. Since that netting the Knicks have won two in a row and climbed back to 500. The Knicks are currently in the 7th seed and look to continue to climb up the standing.

The Knicks hope to create a winning culture after three consecutive years of missing the playoffs. If this club continues to build on their chemistry they can become a team no one wants to face in the playoffs.

Jimmy G Cool: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

By Niner Faithful

Jimmy G Cool is a Niner for the next 5 years!!!!! He’s not being traded, he’s not going back to New England or any other of the nonsense we have heard since basically he was traded here. And all parties involved deserve all the credit in the world for getting this not only done but done so fast. This could have gotten ugly, especially since Jimmy held all the cards. He could have made the Niners use the franchise tag and waited until the last minute to sign just to squeeze every last penny out of the Niners, but he didn’t. The Niners could have listened to all the outside noise on how he only started 7 games or my personal favorite we should trade him and sign Kirk Cousins, but they didn’t. So how did this deal get done so fast? The answer is quite simple; both sides wanted this deal to happen. John Lynch said on many occasions it was the Niners intent to make Jimmy “A Niner for a long long time”. Now while I personally never heard Jimmy say “I want to be a Niner for a long long time” However, he did talk to John Lynch right before he left to start the offseason and according to John Lynch, he felt comfortable where Jimmy stood. At the press conference he did finally something pretty close “this is where I want to be honestly” but you can expect someone who just became a millionaire to say that. Now I do believe that Jimmy did want to be here for many reasons “It is 75 here it’s not a snow storm like Chicago” and as I stated in one of my previous blogs Kyle Shanahan. Now, of course, Jimmy made this decision on more than great weather and his head coach. He talked about how since the day he arrived at 4949 Centennial Blvd. everyone has been welcoming to him. He talked about how at the end of the Titans game Levis was electric and although he won’t really talk about it I know he has to see the fever that has swept over the bay since he took over as the Niners starter in week 13. But he will soon come to realize the expiations that come from playing QB for this franchise if he doesn’t already. He will lose a game, he will get put on his ass, hell he might even get booed. I believe the Niners has found our quarterback for the next 10+ years I believe he will take us to the promise land but then again I could be wrong only time will tell.

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The Real G.O.A.T.: Why 4-0 will always be better than 5-3

By Niner Faithful

On Sunday, Tom Brady lost his third Super Bowl in 8 appearances. Now for some reason, some people think that a 5-3 record makes him the greatest of all time. Now we Faithful know that just isn’t true, we all know that # 16 is the real G.O.A.T.  When it came to the Big Game no one was better than Joe Cool. He was 4-0 and was MVP 3 out of 4 of the Super Bowls he played in (some might say he should have been MVP of SB 23 as well) that’s all that needs to be said to me to prove it, but since that’s not enough for all people here are 4 other reasons why #16 is still the G.O.A.T.


1. Joe never threw a pick in any Super Bowl.
Although, many people will bring up the fact that he almost through one in SB 23. To which I would say that age-old saying “almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades”. On the other hand, Tom Brady has thrown 5. Two of them could have cost the Pats the game and one of them did cost them the game.



2. Joe didn’t just beat teams he destroyed them
If you take the margin of victory in all 4 of Joe’s Super Bowl Victory’s it averages out to 18 points. Now some might say that when you destroyed a team 55-10 that brings your avenge up. And that is a true statement. But compared to Brady’s average margin of victory of 3.166666666 in 5 Super Bowl victories and anyone with a brain can see whose better. By the way, if you take away Super Bowl 24 away Joe’s average margin of victory is 9 let that sink in.



3. Joe was his best when the odds were against him
It’s Super Bowl 23 the Niners are on our own 8-yard line with 3:10 left in the game. Most people who find themselves in this situation would piss themselves. What Does Joe Cool do? He picks out John Candy sitting in the stands eating popcorn. Then takes the Niners 92 yards in 11 plays to win this 3rd Super Bowl in just 8 seasons. Besides last year’s Super Bowl can anyone name a time Brady took his team on a game-winning drive to win a championship?



4. Joe didn’t need help to win
Now before people jump down my throat about how it’s a team game and Joe had some of the great players ever on his team let me explain what I mean. Two of Brady’s Super Bowls came because of the foot of Adam Vinatieri, not to mention that if Dan Quinn and or Pete Carroll don’t make some of the dumbest coaching dictions ever made Brady only has 3 Super Bowls. And I didn’t even talk about how Joe faced better competition. Or how he won his 4 Super Bowls in just 9 seasons where it took Brady 15 seasons to win his 4 Super Bowls. To me, the G.O.A.T. means who got the Job done in the biggest games and when you have someone who had the most championships and was undefeated that makes any other point mute.



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Patience is a virtue: Will Jimmy G Cool sign long-term

By Niner Faithful
Patience is a virtue that’s a saying I am sure we have all heard before. It’s something that is hard for all of us, we want things done right here right now. It’s especially hard when we have no control of the situation. When it comes to Jimmy G Cool and whether or not he will sign a long-term contract with the Niners patience is something we must have. John Lynch has said on multiple occasions that the Niners want Jimmy to be a Niner for a long time and asked us for our patients. John Lynch also said talks between the Niners and Jimmy G cool’s agents will remain private and will not be played out in the public, so don’t expect any new to be leaked out. But even if the Niners want Jimmy G Cool to be a Niner for a long time it takes two sides to tango and from all I’ve seen and heard is he is taking a we’ll see what happens approach. So does Jimmy G Cool want to be a Niner? What are our options? And if both sides want to get this done why it is taking so long? All of these questions are valid. Some of them are answered easier than the others. I believe Jimmy G Cool wants to be a Niner. Let me rephrase that I believe Jimmy G Cool wants to play for Kyle Shanahan. I think he sees the opportunity to work with the best offensive mind in football and wants to take full advantage of it. He sees a team that finally has its shit together because make no mistake if Trent Baalke was still our GM Jimmy G Cool is on the first flight out of SJC (and let’s not kid ourselves Baalke doesn’t even make the trade to bring Jimmy G Cool here in the first place). He knows that he can have a lot of impute on how the offensive side of the ball is put together, and let’s be real we would all love if we could have a big say on who we work with. Now to answer the question of why it’s taking so long to get the deal done? That is simple money, or better yet guaranteed money. If Jimmy G Cool plays on the franchise tag the next two years he will make around $51,821,000 guaranteed. That’s a lot of money. More money than I’ll ever make in any lifetime no matter how long I live. I don’t know much about Jimmy G Cool, but I know a lot about athletes and the one thing they all have in common is a belief in themselves. I’m sure Jimmy G Cool is no different. I’m sure he is more than willing to bet that he will continue to have success in the league and remain healthy in 2018. So how can we get him signed? Well on the surface it seems like an easy question to answer just blow him away with money in his contract. Ah if it was only that easy. Jimmy G Cool’s situation is different than most. How do you value him? He’s 7-0 as an NFL starter and 5-0 with us. While that is all great and we all loved going 5-0 and shocking the NFL week after week towards the end of the season. 7 starts is a very small sample size. How do you put a value on a player who clearly is THE GUY but still protect the franchise from the cap hell that can come from mismanaging our cap? That is the one question I don’t have an answer to. There is an option besides a long-term contract. We could use the franchise tag this year. That’s one year fully guaranteed contract that would cost $23,555,000. But that only kicks the can down the road and we all have seen how that tuned out for the Redskins and Kirk Cousins. And I believe that sends the wrong message to not only the team but free agents that we want to attract to come here. In the long run, I believe John Lynch will get it done. The contract will be the most expensive in franchise history but that’s doing business in the NFL in 2018. Now how long it will take to get pen to meet paper and we got our QB for the next 10 years? Well, no one knows. Patience is a virtue remember no one said this would be fun or easy but in the long term it will be worth it.
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A storied past: My top plays in Niner history over the last 29 years


By Niner Faithful

January 22nd, 1989, I was 2 almost 3 years old. It was Super Bowl 23 and the Niners had just defeated the Bangles to win our 3rd championship in 8 seasons. But in a game I don’t even remember, it’s what happened after the game that was important to me. I got up off my grandpa’s lap walked over to the TV pointed to Jerry Rice and said the 3 words that would forever change my life. “I Like him”. This Monday it will be 29 years since that fateful day in Almaden Valley. Over the years many things have changed but the love I feel for that same football team has not. To celebrate my 29th year anniversary as a Faithful I thought we’d go over my biggest plays in Niners History over the last 29 years.

1. The Catch II

I can remember it like it was yesterday. It looked like the Whackers were going to break my heart for the fourth year in a row when Steve Young hit TO with the game-winning touchdown with 3 seconds left. It might not have been THE CATCH but it was to me. It was my first great Niner moment that I can remember. The Moment I learned that no matter what the odds are always believe in the Red and Gold.

2. The Comeback

This one isn’t a play but its still one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt in my life. Down 38-14 to the New York Giants, Jeff Garcia leads the Niners on the greatest comeback in Niners history. I remember wearing my Steve Young jersey and running and jumping around screaming we’ll see you in Tampa when Jeff hit Tai Streets for the winning touchdown. I’ll never forget the look on all the hater’s faces when I told them IDGAF we’re coming back, and then the look on their faces when I was proven right.

3. The Catch III or The Vernon Post

2011 ended in heartbreak for anyone who bleeds Red and Gold. But that doesn’t mean that it did have its great moment. This game was great. It was the back and forth heart-stopping game that made me fall in love with not only this team but all sports. I can still hear Ted Robinson’s call on KNBR when i close my eyes. It wasn’t just the fact that we won the game. It was the feeling after, the feeling of what we all thought was going to began another dynasty.

4. The Pick at the Stick

“ It is second down Ryan takes the snap throws the slant to the left side It’s wrestled INTERCEPTED THE 49ERS PICK IT AND NAVORRO BOWMAN IS REDEMPTION, ” I think Ted Robinson’s call sums it up perfectly. It was the last game at The Stick. As we all know Bo had a chance to recover an onside kick to seal a Niners win but he didn’t. As the Falcons marched down the field you just knew somehow the Niners were not going to allow The Stick to go out like that. Not the Stick, not the place where we had won 5 championships. Where so many Niner greats had played. And in very Candlestick fashion, Bo made sure it didn’t. I still to this day shed tears anytime I watch that play.

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Building a contender: Team needs for 2018

By Niner Faithful

2017 couldn’t have accomplished much more than it did. We found our franchise QB in Jimmy G Cool and the heart of our defense in Reuben Foster. As well as established we made the right hires in John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan. Now its up to John Lynch and co. to build on our success in 2017. The Niners still have holes on the roster that was apparent to anyone who watched Niners football in 2017. With a league-leading, $102,365,529 in cap room and 9 picks in this years draft the Niners to have plenty of ammo to fill said holes. This week I have decided to go over the team needs and a little breakdown of why I feel they are needs. So here they are in no particular order.

  1. Edge Rusher

The  Niners ranked 26th in the NFL in sacks in 2017 with 30. The team leader in sacks was 33-year-old Elvis Dumervil with 6.5. No other Niner had more than 3. That’s simply not going to get the job done. Add on top of that the team’s issues in the secondary and fixing this becomes priority number one in the offseason. They say the best friend to a secondary is a pass rush so by fixing this the Niners could help out our secondary as well.

  1. Cornerback

Lucky for the Niners Dontae Johnson is a free agent because he was god awful last year. Even when he would make a play and you thought he might have turned the corner, he would get burned or commit a stupid penalty. Now he wasn’t the only issue in the secondary. Rookie  Ahkello Witherspoon had his rookie moments but showed a lot more promise the more he played. The Niners ranked 22nd in the league allowing 3,943 passing yards. As stated above I believe that a better pass rush will help in 2018. They say the NFL is a rush and cover league so the Niners would still benefit from adding a solid corner opposite Witherspoon.

  1. Guard/ Center

I know that the Oline played better as the season went along and Brandon Fusco played with a partially torn bicep all season. But if I have to watch Daniel Kilgore get overpowered one more time I will grow my hair back out just so I can pull it out (although I do like him as a backup and the leadership he brings). With Fusco and  Kilgore being pending free agents and the uncertainty around Joshua Garnett it is key that the Niners get O linemen either in free agency, the draft or both.

  1. Wide Receiver

Although I like our Receiving core. I still feel we need a red zone threat on the outside. Someone with the body type that can win 50/50 balls. Niner receivers only had 7 touchdowns all year and no receiver had more than 2. Marquise Goodwin was our leading receiver in catches with 56 and was tied for the lead for touchdowns with 2. We all know Pierre Garcon is coming back but he will be turning 32 in August so who knows how much he has left in the tank. The Niners haven’t drafted a great receiver since T.O. in 1996. It’s time to find a young receiver that will be here for a long time.

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The Light near the end of the tunnel: The hope for the future

By Niner Faithful

February 9th, 2017, that’s when John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan had their introductory press conference. They said all the things you might expect a new GM and Head Coach to say when starting a job with the NFL’s most storied franchise. They talked about rebuilding our winning culture and returning us to our former glory. Many thought that it would be a long grueling road that would take at least a couple of years. We fast forward to less than a year later and many think that the road although still grueling has gotten a lot shorter. How did Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch take a team that was 2-14 and in less than a year have people around the NFL talking about the Niners as a playoff contender in 2018? While Jimmy G Cool had a lot to do with it there is a lot more to it than that. Let’s go to March 9th, 2017 the first day of NFL free agency. Strapped with loads of cap space and a roster full of holes. John Lynch and his front office staff (with lots of input from Kyle Shanahan and his staff) went about identifying players that not only fit our scheme but were the type of people that had enough character to play through adversity. It was clear even early in his tender as GM John Lynch was not Trent Blakee. John Lynch was aggressive, signing 9 players on the first day of free agency and continued doing so throughout the offseason. But what really sold any other doubters was his first draft as GM. The Niners had the number 2 overall pick in the 2017 draft and from the get-go, John Lynch made it clear the Niners were “open for business” in regards to trading the number 2 pick. After many rumors on what the Niners were going to do draft night finally came. That’s when John Lynch committed highway robbery. The Niners were able to convince Chicago to give up their 1st (3rd overall), 3rd (67th overall), and 4th round (111th overall) picks and a 3rd round pick in 2018 just to move up one spot, and was able to still get the player he wanted. Most GM’s would have called that a success but John Lynch wasn’t done. With our 2nd rounder (34th overall) and the 4th rounder (111th overall) we got from Chicago, we were able to make a trade with Seattle to get Ruben Foster.  John Lynch in his first draft was able to come away with two of the top 3 players on the Niners draft board (the other being Myles Garrett) to go along with George Kittle, Trent Taylor, Ahkello Witherspoon, Adrian Colbert, Joe Williams, Pita Taumoepenu, DJ Jones and CJ Beathard. Overall Lynch and Shanahan turned over about 75% of the roster. The turnover of the roster didn’t just happen in the offseason. The Niners continued to make player changes throughout the season (although some of those were because of injuries). Trading away struggling cornerback Rashard Robinson and the hardest decision of all releasing longtime team leader and fan favorite NaVorro Bowman. The decisions weren’t easy many people questioned the moves, but they needed to happen. They needed to happen to show everyone involved that no matter who you are if you don’t fully buy in you will not be here. The Niners were 0-5 and had just lost their 4th game by 3 points or less. Shanahan who had expressed all year that he wanted players that when times got rough they worked harder, clearly didn’t want to risk ANY players starting to follow their own program or divide the locker room. It wasn’t all smooth sailing in 2017 the Niners started off 0-9. Brain Hoyer who was Shanahan’s handpicked QB was struggling, so bad that he was benched in the middle of the Niners Redskins game for Rookie C.J. Beathard. Despite the Niners suffering a ton of injuries and 4 more losses (including a blowout loss to longtime rival Dallas on Dwight Clark day) before winning our first game, the players seemed to be drinking the kool-aid Shanahan and Lynch were pouring. Then we got our first win. If you went into the locker room and didn’t know any better you would have thought we had just won the super bowl. I feel that this was one of the biggest moments of the year. It showed the players that Shanahan and Lynch knew what they were doing. That despite what the team’s record was the plan was working. The good vibes didn’t last long the Niners laid an egg against division rival Seattle two weeks later, but the in the middle of the last drive one of the most important factors to our turn around happened. CJ Beathard went down and this time didn’t get up. Out came Jimmy G Cool, and on a meaningless play, he throws a TD to Lewis Murphy. The touchdown may have been meaningless but it set the tone for the next few weeks, maybe the next 10 years. We all know how the rest of the story goes. Some will even point to that as the main reason for the hope us faithful feel. October 30th, 2017 may go down as one of the most memorable days in Niners history, but the turn around started with a press conference in early February.  During their first year as GM and head coach of the Niners. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan were able to do what most thought impossible, they turned this franchise around in less than a year. They faced a player who had off the field tragedies. Lost team leaders. Set a Niners record for most losses to start a season and a NFL record for games in a row lost by 3 or less points. And despite all that were able to stay the course and finish as the only team in NFL history to start 0-9 and finish with more than 3 wins. And for that, they deserve all the credit in the world.

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4 Keys To Victory: Niners VS Yams Round 2

By Niner Faithful

First of all this week I would like to start off by saying Happy New Year!!!!! May the Lord bring you health, wealth and happiness in 2018. Now that that’s out of the way, on to football. It’s here, week 17, the last game of the season. And while this season may not have brought us that 6th trophy to put in the trophy case at 4949. It has brought us hope for the future but more on that next week. This year we close out the season by playing the (I can’t believe I’m saying this) playoff bound LA Yams. As we all know in the week 3 meeting between these teams we lost 41-39 (but we all know Trent Taylor did not push off). The Yams have already said they are going to rest most of their starters, now that doesn’t mean this will be an easy game by any means. But it does mean that a winnable game became even more winnable. After beating the Jags last week the Niners are on a 4 game winning streak for the first time since 2013 and are looking for our first 5 game winning streak since 2013 as well. So let’s keep the streak alive. Here are the last Keys to victory for the 2017 season.


  1. Stay humble and hungry

The Niners have had a lot of success lately. The type of success that can start to make you think that you have arrived and lose focus. Now we all know that Kyle Shanahan and his staff are going to do everything in their power to make sure that doesn’t happen. But it’s up to the players to take that message to heart. And with the Yams sitting most starters a little bit of complacency can creep in and that’s the last thing we need.


  1. Stay healthy

We all know the story of this season as far as injuries are concerned. It started in Training camp with Malcolm Smith and has continued throughout the season with 20 players ending the season on IR and what seems like every player missing time this year due to injury. There would be nothing worse than if someone were to go down with an major injury, because that would likely mean they would miss some of the offseason program if not the whole year. So staying healthy is important not only for winning this game but next season as well.


  1. Do not get swept in the division

Although we have won 4 in a row and 5 out of our last 6 we have yet to beat a division opponent all year (in fact the only losses we have had since week 9 have been to teams in the division). The Niners have never loss every game in the division since the realignment in 2002. We have already set a franchise record for most losses to start a season I don’t think we want to set a new one for losses in the division.

  1. BEAT LA for the bay

Being from Nor Cal any team from So Cal is a hated team (although I am a Lakers fan). You hear the BEAT LA chant no matter what stadium you are in throughout Nor Cal. And with the Yams being our longest rival beating them is going to make our 6th victory even sweeter.

I can’t believe that the season is over. It just seems like the draft was yesterday. I am very blessed to have to opportunity to write for sports elite and for all my Empire brothers and sisters. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blogs as much as I have had writing them. And although my keys to victory won’t be back till next year I will still continue to write blogs every week. So till next week GO NINERS!!!!! BEAT LA!!!!!

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