Coach Shipp: Man, on a Mission

By Kim Dunning 

Coach Shipp is a great man who has a single mission in life: to better our youths’ lives. Who is Coach Reginald Shipp? The answer is more complex than you might imagine.  

Coach Shipp is a father of five. Two of his daughters attend college at Shaw University and Mountain View Stat Junior College. His other two daughters are in high school and he has one son, who is four. He is married to a wonderful woman who is his best friend and support network. She understands that what he does for others takes him away from his family, and has a purpose. This is the man behind the scenes.

What is amazing about Coach Shipp is that he is a humble person who doesn’t like to talk about himself. If you ask him questions about his mentoring he will talk your ear off, as mentoring today’s youth is his main focus. Coach Shipp is a mentor to young men who do not necessarily come from the best situations in life. These young men have been dealt a bad hand in life and Coach is there to help them find a way, even with adversity, to become better men. This is a cause that is near and dear to his heart.

Coach Shipp did not come from the best of backgrounds. He grew up in two rough neighborhoods and he fought every day to survive. His mother was a drug addict and his father did not come into his life until he was older.

When he was six-years old, he met another young man by the name of Ellery Lundy. Mr. Lundy is a big reason why Coach Shipp could make his life better. He attributes his life to him. Ellery introduced Coach Shipp to football.  

Football became his saving grace and now he is paying that forward to the young men he coaches and mentors.  

Mr. Lundy now has a foundation called Broken Men’s Foundation, which helps men build resumes and community service skills, among other opportunities.  

According to Coach Shipp, if it wasn’t for Mr. Lundy, he may have ended up as just another statistic in the streets.

As a result of his background, he is a huge advocate of getting young men off the streets by getting them involved in football. This is Arena football and he is now the owner of the Capital City Reapers. Through the Reapers, he helps his players’ transition from outdoor football to indoor football.

Coach Shipp has an extensive resume. He has not only owned a team but he has played semi-pro football. He considers himself the Charles Woodson of his time. He played many positions: from wide receiver, defensive back, running back and quarterback. When asked, he said his bread and butter positions were running back and defensive back. He retired from playing at age 37 and became a community man. While he was invited to different camps, he never got any further than that. He did play in the European League.  

On his coaching resume, he became a full-time coach in 2010. He has coached the York Capitals to a 2015 undefeated season that ended with a Championship win. The Capitals are out of York, Pennsylvania. More recently, besides coaching for the Reapers, he is the Defensive Assistant and Defensive Backs coach for the Virginia Titans semi-pro team, along with his friend Terry Haynes. The Titans, owned by Lavar Matthews, another great friend of Coach Shipps’. Mr. Matthews provides men with the same opportunities as the Reapers but they are an outdoor football team.    

Earlier in his coaching career, he met a young woman by the name of Elle Locust out of Harrisonburg, Pennsylvania. As a result of working with her, he became an advocate for women in sports. Coach Shipp was impressed with Ms. Locusts’ knowledge and the way she handled the players. He has written her letters of recommendation for an internship with the NFL.

Most recently, Coach Shipp put out a call, on Facebook, for female coaches. This is a call Sports Elites’ own Tay Holloway answered.  

Coach Shipp coaches young men from the ages of 19 to 27. His oldest player has indoor football experience, but had an injury and now plays with the Reapers to sharpen his skills to move back up into the next level. None of his players receive compensation. He has also coached a developmental team.  

Out of the 30 players he had on his developmental team, eight of them went on to get paid positions and the team was able to send three of the young men to school.

Coach Shipp mentors men of all ages. He is involved with the We Care Organization, which was founded by Mr. C. J. Richardson. We care teaches life skills and teaches young men how to be humble no matter what their experience. We Care is also involved with helping out the homeless and sending kids to camp. Most recently, they had a block party to teach the children that all police officers aren’t bad and that there are bad seeds that happen to get the media attention.

When not coaching, playing or mentoring; Coach Shipp enjoys watching football, basketball, baseball and boxing. He is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan from back in the day when Danny White and Too Tall Jones played for them. He is a Lakers fan and a Washington Nationals fan. He loved boxing, but said it has become boring since Mayweather retired.

Coach Shipp is the humblest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. I asked him if he had one person that he has mentored or coached that he was proud of. His response was, all of them. His goal is to mentor young men to become better men so they can be better to their wives, girlfriends and eventually their children. He is all about the pay-it-forward motto.

His goal in life is quite simple and something we should all live by. If you can improve someone’s life, then you have lived your life with a purpose.  

Coach Shipp is an incredible man who has fulfilled and saved many young men from the streets. He is a man on a mission and has worked hard to continue to better not only his life, but everyone’s life he has touched.  





Inside the numbers

For the Knicks last nights game was so much more then a regularimage season win. The passion in the garden was so evident that even Derrick Rose had to acknowledge it. Their was a playoff atmosphere in the air, and the Knicks didn’t disappoint. Let’s take a deeper look inside the numbers.

Their are a few numbers I want to take a look at and the first is 30. The Knicks held the Blazers under 30 points per quarter, expect for the first quarter where Portland put up 33 points. After the first quarter the Knicks clamped down on defense and held the Blazers to 25, 23, and 22 points per quarter the rest of the game. With such a tight game ( their were 20 lead changes) the Knicks needed to defend in order to win. The club also held the Blazers to 27% from three (6/22). The Blazers average 108 per game but were held to 103. So the numbers show the Knicks put up a very impressive defensive effort.

Now let’s take a look at the offense, the Knicks have to move the ball in order to score. With 26 assist ( only 13 turnovers) on 45 made shots they did just that. Jennings doing his best Mark Jackson impersonation had 11 assist off the bench. All this ball movement led the Knicks to a 46% shooting clip. From the three point line they shot a respectable 31%. The offense primary ran thru KP as he put up his second 30 point game of the season. Porzingis used an offensive array of moves to power his way to 31 points. Step back 3s check, Cuts to the basket check, Alley oops check, fade away shots check, post up moves check. KP was firing on all cylinders last night.

However when it came down to the 4th quarter Derrick too charge. It was his pose and composure that allowed the Knicks to hold the lead. Derrick took charge of the game and dictated the offense. Rose sealed the win with a step back jumper with 3:15 left on the clock. Rose had this to say about his performance

”I’m not here to bust or brag but I’m used to being in positions where I have the ball in my hand, playing in Chicago,” Rose said. ”I’ve really played like that my entire life, through grammar school, high school, college and here.” – D.Rose

The Knicks used a group effort to pull this one out with six players scoring 7 or more points. All in all the club looks to have come together after holding a team meeting a few days ago. Since that netting the Knicks have won two in a row and climbed back to 500. The Knicks are currently in the 7th seed and look to continue to climb up the standing.

The Knicks hope to create a winning culture after three consecutive years of missing the playoffs. If this club continues to build on their chemistry they can become a team no one wants to face in the playoffs.

5 Notes From The 2019 Schedule

On Wednesday the day we Faithful have been waiting for came the Niners 2019 Schedule has been released. Here are 5 quick notes from the Schedule

  1. The Niners open the regular season on the road in back-to-back seasons for the first time since 2009-10
  2. This will be the first time since 1997 that San Francisco opens the season with consecutive road games. The season opener that year was also in Tampa. (That day didn’t go so well we loss Jerry for pretty much the season and Steve to a concussion
  3. The 49ers open and close the regular season on the road (Week 1 at Tampa Bay and Week 17 at Seattle) for the first time since 1997, when the team finished 13-3 and won the NFC West Division.( Is it just me or does 97 keep popping up a lot?)
  4. The 49ers face four teams in 2019 that reached the postseason in 2018 (Baltimore, Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans and Seattle)
  5. The Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 3) and Cleveland Browns (Week 5) will be making their first visits to Levis Stadium. The only teams that have not played at least on game at Levis are Miami Buffalo Houston and Indy (Miami and Buffalo will be coming in 2020 and Houston and Indy will being coming in 2021)

Here’s to a great season in 2019 GO NINERS!!!!!

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All-Time Niner Sack Leader Cedrick Hardman has Passed Away

Niners All-Time sack leader Cedrick Hardman has passed away at age 70. In a statement the Niners said “We are truly saddened by the loss of one of the all-time great 49ers, Cedrick Hardman. During his 10-year career in red and gold, he anchored the vaunted “Gold Rush” defensive line with a non-stop motor that put fear in the minds of opposing quarterbacks. As a football player, Cedrick’s accomplishments were many. As a man, his impact on the lives of others was just as impressive. Our condolences and prayers go out to the Hardman family and all who are mourning the passing of Cedrick.”

Hardman was originally selected in the first round (ninth overall) by San Francisco in the 1970 NFL Draft. He spent 10 seasons with the 49ers (1970-79) and appeared in 139 games (121 starts), the fifth-most among 49ers defensive linemen, trailing only DT Bryant Young (208), DT Charlie Krueger (198), DT Leo Nomellini (174) and DT Roland Lakes (140). A two-time All Pro (1971 & 1975) and Pro Bowl (1972 & 1976) selection, Hardman anchored a defensive front nicknamed the “Gold Rush” that included DE Cleveland Elam, DE Tommy Hart and DT Jimmy Webb. Hardman is also a member of San Francisco’s 10-Year Wall, which honors all players who played 10-or-more seasons with the team.

Although sacks didn’t become a official stat until the year after his retirement the Niners have him credited with 112.5 but if you asked him Cedrick would say he had 120. On a personal note when I was about 16 my social worker meet him and told him I was a huge Niners fan. He not only signed a photo for me but also personalized it for me. He was a good man and he will be missed. Rest In Faithfulness brotha.

Keys To Victory: Niners giants

After ending their 6 game losing streak last Thursday against the los umm oakland traders, Monday Night Football returns to Levis as the Niners will face off against the new york football giants. As us Faithful know Niners have had some great triumphs (see The Comeback Wild Card weekend 02) and some heartbreak’s (’90 and ’11 NFC Championship games). The Niners and giants have been playing each other since 1952 with both teams winning 20 wins each. Monday will mark one year to the date that we got our first win last year (I thought that was pretty cool). MNF is always exciting to watch I was at the last MNF game at Levis (28-0 Niners win to open the 2016 season) and Levis was crackin. As always I will be at Empire Row partaking in the tailgate party and would love to see any Niners fans that want to join us there. Should be a fun game under the lights and one we should win. Here is this week’s Keys To Victory.


  1. No Turnovers

The Niners are 31st in the league when it comes to turnover differential at -13. The offense was turnover free last week and IMO that was the most important factor in scoring a season high 34 points all on offense. The giants have a better pass defense (ranked 16th) than the traders (ranked 22nd) had last week. Nick Mullens played better than I could have ever dreamed last week, but that was a very bad traders secondary this week will be more of a challenge. Two things that B.D.N. has going for him this week is new york has only 10 sacks (ranked 31st) all season and have only picked the ball off 4 times. If Mullens can show the poise he did last week the offense should be able to make plays.


  1. Run the Football

With the extra rest that playing a Thursday night game brings. Matt Breida should be as close to 100% as he can be this late into the season. Running the football will not only allow the whole offense (including Kyle Shanahan) to find a rhythm but also keep eli manning and Co off the field. Any Faithful should not want B.D.N. to drop back 30-40 times. Look for a pretty even Run Pass ratio if anything leaning more heavy on the running game than the passing game.


  1. Sack manning

Last week the Niners had a season high 8 sacks against a struggling traders o-line. The good news for the Niners pass rush is the only o-line that might be worse than the traders is the giants. No other QB in the league has taken more sacks (31) than eli manning this season. Per Pro Football Focus the giants have an overall pass blocking grade of 61.4 just ahead of the tardinals. Add to that the manning has a 61.9 passer rating when under pressure and you can bet that building on last week’s performance has been a focus all week. If the Niners can have the same type of success this week I find it very hard to not see us come away with the W.


  1. No mental mistakes

All season long really for the last two seasons the Niners inability to make a play when the games on the line have killed us time and time again. Out of the 17 losses we have had the last two seasons 8 have been by 3 points or less. That’s the difference between 8-17 record and a 16-9 record. The point I’m making is that in the NFL the margin of victory is so small that most of the time games come down to one or two plays. If we can learn to make those plays this season it will pay HUGE dividends next year and beyond.


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Keys To Victory: Niners VS packers

The Niners travel to green bay wisconsin to play the green bay packers on Monday Night Football at lambeau field. Most of the Football I remember from my childhood was in the mid to late 90’s. So a lot of my childhood was spent hating the packers. I remember the cheese grader hats that were big at the time. Just like many Faithful’s my age, my first real big playoff moment was The Catch 2 (obviously didn’t have as much impact as The Catch but is still a big moment in Niners history). And who could forget Kap’s coming out party against the packers at Candlestick in 2012. Niners packers may not have the same ring to it as Niners cry girls, but for a brief time in the mid to late 90’s and for a few years this decade it was a big time rivalry in the NFL. The packers lead the All-Time series 35-30-1 including 2-1 on MNF, but the Niners have the most wins by any franchise on MNF (48) and are 9-0 in their past 9 MNF games dating back to 2010. Both teams are looking to bounce back from tough division losses in Week 5.


  1. Make rodgers Move In The Pocket

It’s no secret that arron rodgers has a bum knee that has been injured since Week 1 (although everyone I have talked to say he looks the same). rodgers is an elite Hall Of Fame QB if we let him sit back in the pocket and have all day to throw he’ll tear us a part. We must hit him early and hit him often if we are going to have a chance to pull off this upset.


  1. Shorten The Game

The packers are ranked in the 10th in both Passing Offence and Total Offense and are ranked 8th in Time Of Possession but are tied for 18th in scoring Offence. Don’t let that 18th in scoring fool you the packers can put up point in a hurry. The Niners Offense must run the ball to keep the clock moving, get our Defense fresh and to keep rodgers and the packers offense on the sideline.


  1. Keep C.J. Upright

The packers come into Monday night’s game with 16 sack on the year good enough to be tied for 5th in the NFL. Keeping C.J. upright is on more than just the O-line. The receivers must be able to get open, the backs must be able to pick up the blitz and C.J. must be able to not only see it coming but be able to get the pass off quickly.


  1. Don’t Beat Yourself

It seems like every week this is a key or at least has to be brought up. Last week against arizona there was no reason we should have not won that game. 5 turnovers cost us the game and even with all the turnovers and mistakes it was only an 8 pint game for most of the game. If we repeat that again this week the game will be over very fast and will not be anywhere close to an 8 point game.


I have a feeling that the “slap in the face” the Niners got this week by being flexed out of Sunday Night Football next week will fire us up. I see us coming out and taking a big shot at green bay to show them we’re not scared of shit. Should be a great game either way. I will be at Blue Chips in Downtown San Jose with the rest (or at least the ones who aren’t going to be at the game) of the 408 EMPIRE please feel free to stop by and say what’s up. GO NINERS!!!!!


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Keys To Victory: Niners vs tardinals

The Niners return home to Levis Stadium this week to play against the arizona tardinals. This game is the first of 6 divisional games of the seasons. The tardinals are coming in 0-4 after losing last week in heartbreaking fashion to seattle. The Niners are looking to bounce back from back to back losses to the chiefs and the chargers on the road.  All-Time the Niners hold an 29-24 advantage but have not beaten arizona since December 2014 (6 games). The Niners feel they are a better football team than last year. One of the hallmark signs of a good team is beating the teams your supposed to beat. EMPIRE ROW will be cracking this week so if you’re going to be Levis this Sunday stop by Green Lot Pole 20 and say what’s up. Here are this week’s keys to victory.


  1. Get Any Type Of Pressure On The Quarterback

The Niners pass rush has been a no show all season long (expect DeFo). The  tardinals are giving up an average of 2.0 sacks per game ranked 10th in the league. The Niners have only gotten 8 sacks in 4 games. Even though Josh Rosen is a rookie Quarterback if you give him all day long to throw like any NFL Quarterback he will pick us apart. We must get in his face and put him on his ass and force him into a few regrettable decisions.


  1. Tackle

The Niners tackling this year has been more than horrible, it’s straight embarrassing. Tackling is the basic of Defensive football. What makes this even more concerning is that most of our missed tackles have come from our Linebackers and Safeties. Linebackers and Safeties are supposed to be the most sure tacklers on your football team.  At this point it’s not about fundamentals it’s about pride and will, the will to finish the play and not depend on the next person to bring the ball carrier down to the ground.


  1. Do Your Job

It seems like every week I have to add this as a key to victory but every week you see players wide open and it’s clear someone on the Defense didn’t do their job. I know it seems like I’m picking on the Defense a lot but that’s only because that’s where most of our issues have been. If everyone would simply do their job and focus on finishing the play a lot of your issues on defense will fix themselves.


  1. Bring You’re a Game

This is a key for everyone fans included. Levis hasn’t quite had the Home field Advantage that The Stick had. Now a lot of that has to do with winning 5 Championships but hey you gotta start somewhere. We must turn Levis into the house of pain I know it can be. If all THE EMPIRE Players, Coaches, and Fans give 110% on Sunday and leave it all on the field (or stands) I think we will destroy arizona.


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Keys To Victory: Niners chargers

As everyone knows by now in last week’s game the Niners lost starting QB Jimmy Garoppolo for the season with a torn ACL. Not only did the Niners lose Jimmy G Cool but Richard Sherman and Adrian Colbert also had to leave the game and did not return. Sherman has already been ruled out for this week’s game. Jaquiski Tartt is listed as doubtful, while Adrian Colbert, Alfred Morris and Matt Breida are all listed as questionable. Next man up has been the Niners battle cry this whole week and while C.J. Beathard isn’t Jimmy G Cool his teammates seem to have faith that he is more than capable of leading the Red and Gold to victory Sunday. The Niners travel to Carson, CA this week to play the la chargers. The All-Time Series is even at 7 wins a piece for both teams (although we all know the Niners are 1-0 against the chargers in the game that really matters). The Niners haven’t beaten the chargers since December of 2000 going 0-4 since (Still doesn’t matter when we are 1-0 against them in the Superbowl). Many of the “experts” are saying the Niners have no shot in this game. So to prove them wrong here are this week’s keys to victory.


  1. Use The NFL’s #2 Rushing Attack   

The Niners have the NFL’s leading rusher in both yards (tied with 274) but also Matt “Cheetah” Breida has 8.6 yards per carry average witch ranks first in the league. To add to that his 6 rushes of 20 or more yards are more than any other team in the NFL!!!!!  Not only do we have the NFL’s leading rusher we also rank second in the NFL in both yards per game (152.7) and yards per carry (5.59). I know that teams will stack the box and try and make C.J. beat them but, with the upgrades we have made in our O-Line and Shanahan’s ability to use what teams want to do to his advantage stopping the Niners running game might not be as easy as other teams think.


  1. Stay/ Get Off the field on 3rd down

The Niners rank 28th in the NFL in both 3rd Down Conversion Percent (30.30%) (Offence) and Opponent 3rd down Conversion Percent (47.73%) (Defense). Kyle Shanahan always talks about being able to stay on the field to get more runs. The Niners offence must be able to stay on the field not only to be able to run the ball but to also keep our defense off the field. Defensively the Niners have been killed by giving up long 3rd downs. Just look at last week when we gave kc 1st downs when it was 3rd and 15. The Niners have given up an average of 3.7 First Downs a game by Penalty ranked 29th in the league. The Defense will be without Richard Sherman and most likely Jaquiski Tartt too. If we can’t get off the field on 3rd down this game could get ugly.


  1. Eliminate Self Inflicted Wounds On Defense

The Niners have missed a NFL leading 43 tackles to go along with the league 29th most penalties per game (8.7)and yards (84.7). The Defense has been penalized 23 times 11 of them being first downs for a total of 205 yards. Just last week alone the Niners missed 17 tackles!!!!! We cannot have a repeat performance and expect to end our losing streak to the chargers at 4.


  1. Everyone Must Bring Their A Game  

It’s no secret that the Niners lost their best player in Jimmy G Cool and that is a big blow but with that said there is still 13 games left  in the season. The Niners are a better team than they were at this point last year when the team was 0-3. If EVERYONE Players, Coaches, and Fans brings their A Game and at the end of the day can say to themselves I did everything I could have done to make sure my team won today. There is no way we can’t be in it till the end. And when you’re in it till the end you ever know what can happen.


WHEN C.J. leads us to victory I invite all the EMPIRE to join Co-Host Adam and myself and put The Weekend’s –Call Out My Name on repeat get hammered and sing at the top of your lungs!!!!!


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Keys To Victory: Niners chiefs

The Niners travel to arrowhead stadium this week to play the kansas city chiefs. Both the Niners and chiefs are coming off Week 2 wins. The Niners defeating the lions 30-27 at home and the chiefs beating the steelers 42-37 in pittsburgh. The Niners lead the All-Time series 7-5 but the Niners haven’t won in kc since 1982. The chiefs have played two road games to start the year and are 2-0. I fully expect arrowhead to be rocking for their home opener Sunday after their hot start to the season. It’s going to be a tall task for the Red and Gold to come out of arrowhead with a W but not impossible. With that said here are this week’s keys to victory.


  1. Keep kc’s Offence Off The Field

kc has a top 10 rated offence when it comes to points per game, passing, rushing and total offence. With the concerns with the Niners pass rush and secondary the only way to slow down kc’s offence might be to keep them off the field as much as possible. The Niners have the league’s 3rd rated rushing attack averaging 140.0 yards a game. kc’s run defense ranks 6th in the league. It will be easier said than done but Matt Bredia and Co must repeat the Niners early season success running the ball to put less pressure on our defense.

  1. Rush And Cover

The Niners did a poor job of both rushing the QB and covering receivers last week most notably Ahkello Witherspoon. Witherspoon gave up 3 TDs last week and was eventually benched for Jimmy Ward in the 4th quarter. Cornerbacks must have short term memory if they are going to make it in the NFL. This week it won’t get any easier tyreek hill is the second fastest receiver in the league (next to Marquise Goodwin) add that Sammy watkins  isn’t slow either. Although Witherspoon had a poor game the Niners Pass Rush didn’t help the secondary out. Only sacking matthew stafford  twice and hitting him only 4 times all game. The chiefs has a potent offence if we give mahomes that much time to throw he has the weapons to pick us a part and it will be another long day in kc.

  1. Red Zone End Zone

The Niners have struggled in the Red Zone so far this seasons only converting 3 of 8 trips into TD’s. With a high scoring offence like kc we must take advantage of the opportunities that we have to match them score for score. kc has the NFL’s worst passing defense and is ranked 29th in scoring giving up an average of 32.5 over the first 2 weeks of the season. The opportunity will be there for the offence to get right this week and put up some points.

  1. Heeeee’s Back

Let’s not forget that we get  Reuben Foster back after his 2 week suspension. The impact of getting 5ava6e back on the field can’t be underestimated. He brings a Swag and energy to our D that is missing without him and will help with our tackling issues we have had so far this season. We have waited all off season to see the pairing of Foster with Fred Warner and now we finally get to see it!!!!! Reuben’s speed will help neutralize kc’s speed and bring more physicality to our D.


I have seen the Niners pull off bigger upsets in my 30 years of being a Faithful. It’s time to get our first win in kc in my life time!!!!!

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