Coach Shipp: Man, on a Mission

By Kim Dunning 

Coach Shipp is a great man who has a single mission in life: to better our youths’ lives. Who is Coach Reginald Shipp? The answer is more complex than you might imagine.  

Coach Shipp is a father of five. Two of his daughters attend college at Shaw University and Mountain View Stat Junior College. His other two daughters are in high school and he has one son, who is four. He is married to a wonderful woman who is his best friend and support network. She understands that what he does for others takes him away from his family, and has a purpose. This is the man behind the scenes.

What is amazing about Coach Shipp is that he is a humble person who doesn’t like to talk about himself. If you ask him questions about his mentoring he will talk your ear off, as mentoring today’s youth is his main focus. Coach Shipp is a mentor to young men who do not necessarily come from the best situations in life. These young men have been dealt a bad hand in life and Coach is there to help them find a way, even with adversity, to become better men. This is a cause that is near and dear to his heart.

Coach Shipp did not come from the best of backgrounds. He grew up in two rough neighborhoods and he fought every day to survive. His mother was a drug addict and his father did not come into his life until he was older.

When he was six-years old, he met another young man by the name of Ellery Lundy. Mr. Lundy is a big reason why Coach Shipp could make his life better. He attributes his life to him. Ellery introduced Coach Shipp to football.  

Football became his saving grace and now he is paying that forward to the young men he coaches and mentors.  

Mr. Lundy now has a foundation called Broken Men’s Foundation, which helps men build resumes and community service skills, among other opportunities.  

According to Coach Shipp, if it wasn’t for Mr. Lundy, he may have ended up as just another statistic in the streets.

As a result of his background, he is a huge advocate of getting young men off the streets by getting them involved in football. This is Arena football and he is now the owner of the Capital City Reapers. Through the Reapers, he helps his players’ transition from outdoor football to indoor football.

Coach Shipp has an extensive resume. He has not only owned a team but he has played semi-pro football. He considers himself the Charles Woodson of his time. He played many positions: from wide receiver, defensive back, running back and quarterback. When asked, he said his bread and butter positions were running back and defensive back. He retired from playing at age 37 and became a community man. While he was invited to different camps, he never got any further than that. He did play in the European League.  

On his coaching resume, he became a full-time coach in 2010. He has coached the York Capitals to a 2015 undefeated season that ended with a Championship win. The Capitals are out of York, Pennsylvania. More recently, besides coaching for the Reapers, he is the Defensive Assistant and Defensive Backs coach for the Virginia Titans semi-pro team, along with his friend Terry Haynes. The Titans, owned by Lavar Matthews, another great friend of Coach Shipps’. Mr. Matthews provides men with the same opportunities as the Reapers but they are an outdoor football team.    

Earlier in his coaching career, he met a young woman by the name of Elle Locust out of Harrisonburg, Pennsylvania. As a result of working with her, he became an advocate for women in sports. Coach Shipp was impressed with Ms. Locusts’ knowledge and the way she handled the players. He has written her letters of recommendation for an internship with the NFL.

Most recently, Coach Shipp put out a call, on Facebook, for female coaches. This is a call Sports Elites’ own Tay Holloway answered.  

Coach Shipp coaches young men from the ages of 19 to 27. His oldest player has indoor football experience, but had an injury and now plays with the Reapers to sharpen his skills to move back up into the next level. None of his players receive compensation. He has also coached a developmental team.  

Out of the 30 players he had on his developmental team, eight of them went on to get paid positions and the team was able to send three of the young men to school.

Coach Shipp mentors men of all ages. He is involved with the We Care Organization, which was founded by Mr. C. J. Richardson. We care teaches life skills and teaches young men how to be humble no matter what their experience. We Care is also involved with helping out the homeless and sending kids to camp. Most recently, they had a block party to teach the children that all police officers aren’t bad and that there are bad seeds that happen to get the media attention.

When not coaching, playing or mentoring; Coach Shipp enjoys watching football, basketball, baseball and boxing. He is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan from back in the day when Danny White and Too Tall Jones played for them. He is a Lakers fan and a Washington Nationals fan. He loved boxing, but said it has become boring since Mayweather retired.

Coach Shipp is the humblest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with. I asked him if he had one person that he has mentored or coached that he was proud of. His response was, all of them. His goal is to mentor young men to become better men so they can be better to their wives, girlfriends and eventually their children. He is all about the pay-it-forward motto.

His goal in life is quite simple and something we should all live by. If you can improve someone’s life, then you have lived your life with a purpose.  

Coach Shipp is an incredible man who has fulfilled and saved many young men from the streets. He is a man on a mission and has worked hard to continue to better not only his life, but everyone’s life he has touched.  





Inside the numbers

For the Knicks last nights game was so much more then a regularimage season win. The passion in the garden was so evident that even Derrick Rose had to acknowledge it. Their was a playoff atmosphere in the air, and the Knicks didn’t disappoint. Let’s take a deeper look inside the numbers.

Their are a few numbers I want to take a look at and the first is 30. The Knicks held the Blazers under 30 points per quarter, expect for the first quarter where Portland put up 33 points. After the first quarter the Knicks clamped down on defense and held the Blazers to 25, 23, and 22 points per quarter the rest of the game. With such a tight game ( their were 20 lead changes) the Knicks needed to defend in order to win. The club also held the Blazers to 27% from three (6/22). The Blazers average 108 per game but were held to 103. So the numbers show the Knicks put up a very impressive defensive effort.

Now let’s take a look at the offense, the Knicks have to move the ball in order to score. With 26 assist ( only 13 turnovers) on 45 made shots they did just that. Jennings doing his best Mark Jackson impersonation had 11 assist off the bench. All this ball movement led the Knicks to a 46% shooting clip. From the three point line they shot a respectable 31%. The offense primary ran thru KP as he put up his second 30 point game of the season. Porzingis used an offensive array of moves to power his way to 31 points. Step back 3s check, Cuts to the basket check, Alley oops check, fade away shots check, post up moves check. KP was firing on all cylinders last night.

However when it came down to the 4th quarter Derrick too charge. It was his pose and composure that allowed the Knicks to hold the lead. Derrick took charge of the game and dictated the offense. Rose sealed the win with a step back jumper with 3:15 left on the clock. Rose had this to say about his performance

”I’m not here to bust or brag but I’m used to being in positions where I have the ball in my hand, playing in Chicago,” Rose said. ”I’ve really played like that my entire life, through grammar school, high school, college and here.” – D.Rose

The Knicks used a group effort to pull this one out with six players scoring 7 or more points. All in all the club looks to have come together after holding a team meeting a few days ago. Since that netting the Knicks have won two in a row and climbed back to 500. The Knicks are currently in the 7th seed and look to continue to climb up the standing.

The Knicks hope to create a winning culture after three consecutive years of missing the playoffs. If this club continues to build on their chemistry they can become a team no one wants to face in the playoffs.

Former Niners Tackle Keith Fahnhorst Has Passed Away

By Niner Faithful

For the second time in less than a month a former Niner has passed away. This time it’s former Niners tackle Keith Fahnhorst. Fahnhorst was drafted by the Niners in the second-round (35th overall) of 1974 NFL Draft. Fahnhorst spent his entire 14 year career with the Niners appearing in 193 games (160 starts), the second-most among Niners offensive linemen and the eighth-most regular season appearances in franchise history. He also started all 10 postseason contests that he appeared in. Fahnhorst was a two-time All-Pro (1983-84) and made the Pro Bowl in 1985, and was also part of our first two Super Bowl Championship teams. He was also a two-time recipient (1981, 1986) of the Niners Bobb McKittrick Award, which is given annually to the Niners offensive lineman who best represents the courage, intensity and sacrifice displayed by the longtime offensive line coach, during his 21 years of service to the Niners. The coolest part of the story comes in the summer of 1984 following the USFL’s winter-to-spring season the Niners signed Keith’s little brother Linebacker Jim Fahnhorst The brothers who are 7 years apart (Keith is the older brother) got to play 7 seasons together with the Niners. This is another sad loss for the Niner Empire RIP Keith were putting together a pretty damn good team together in heaven.

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By Niner Faithful

“I’m heartbroken to tell you that today I lost my best friend and husband. He passed peacefully surrounded by many of the people he loved most. I am thankful for all of Dwight’s friends, teammates and 49ers fans who have sent their love during his battle with ALS.”

That was the tweet from Dwight Clark’s twitter posted by his wife Kelly Clark that broke all our hearts Monday afternoon. Many former and current NFL players have reached out via social media to pay their respect to the Niner Legend.

“Dwight was a vibrant charismatic soul!! Jennifer and I are heartbroken over his passing. While we knew it was inevitably coming it came way to soon! We are grateful for the decades of love and friendship we shared. We are praying for Dwight, his family and for all your prayers also. We will miss you dearly! Love Jennifer and Joe Montana”.-Joe Montana

“Love you, bro, Dwight Clark!! RIP”-Jerry Rice.

“Dwight Clark may have been the most humble star the NFL has ever produced.  Yes, he was fun and funny, but Dwight had an innate goodness to him that will never be forgotten by those who had the good fortune to know him. May God bless Dwight and his family”. – Cris Collinsworth.

“Really saddened by the loss of Dwight Clark. He was so much more than a football player. He was so kind and happy. Such a pure human spirit. Our hearts are with his family”.-Joe Staley.

“Dwight Clark was one of my idols growing up in San Mateo. I was lucky enough to be at the game where my hero Joe Montana perfectly placed the game-winning throw/catch to Dwight in the corner of the end zone to beat the Cowboys in the 1981 season. I was 4 years old and cried to my parents the entire first half because I couldn’t see the field when the grownups would stand and scream for the 49ers. I got a chance to meet him when we happened to share the same orthodontist in San Mateo and I sabotaged one of his visits just to meet him and shake his hand. He was incredibly gracious to me that day as a young boy. And I never forgot the impact he made on me as all of our heroes do. I am sad tonight hearing of his passing of ALS but I know he is now resting and at peace finally after many years valiantly fighting such a terrible disease. Thank you for the great memories and RIP”!-Tom Brady

“Words don’t do justice to express what @DwightC87 means to me. You will be missed…. and will always be loved, remembered, and honored”  #87-Jed York

I am too young to have seen Dwight Clark play but like all Niners fans, I know The Catch I know what he meant to this franchise. Without him who knows what would have happened that cold January day at Candlestick. Hell who knows what would have happened that season. This is a big loss to the Niner Empire one that will be felt for a long time. RIP Dwight Clark. Thank you so much for everything you did in your years as a player and a GM and the loyalty you showed the empire.

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The Bay versus The Land: The Final Finale… Hopefully

By: Will Stevenson

If you grew up in the south, you probably went to church. I know due to your upbringing and where you lived, your church experience could be different. Most of us of a certain age can recall sitting in inside of a church, listening to yet another praise and worthy team belt out yet another mysterious-freestyled verse to Amazing Grace. As the Sun changed it’s position, you could see the shadows cascade over the rusty stain-glass mural of Jesus and one of the Mary’s while your little cousin yawns in secret once again. God did not intend for church to last longer than a Jerry Lewis Telethon, and one can only hope God does not intend for this Finals matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers to continue any further.

All throughout these NBA Playoffs, there has been an excitement in the air. The 76ers, BC (Before Colangelo) gave us a preview of what they can become in the Eastern Conference. The Indiana Pacers almost knocked off the Cavs and a star was born in Victor Oladipo. The Bucks were beaten by the Celtics, but that pushed them into and upgraded coach in Mike Budenholzer. The Heat, well, the Heat. The Celtics gave us team ball and an underdog feeling with a roster full of top-lottery selections. The Raptors raptured and then continued to live out it’s postseason beat-down through Drake. And finally, Lebron did what everybody wanted: Carry the team. He did.

In the West, the Pelicans gave new life as they eviscerated the Blazers with an offense that hadn’t been unleashed since the  KeKe Wandeweghe Nuggets. The Thunder “Playoff P’d” themselves. The Spurs gave us one game. Donovan Mitchell and the Jazz gave the fans of Utah new hope with a playoff series win and an admirable showing against the Rockets. The T’Wolves made the playoffs, right? The Warriors were mostly injured while they were pushed to Game 7 by the Rockets, only to escape through tough defense, no Chris Paul and the Rockets just so happened to miss 27 straight three point shots. Twenty-Seven.

All that intrigue. All that mystery. All that excitement. All of those memories to have Warriors vs. Cavaliers, again. Andre Iguodola is out for Game 1, while Kevin Love is returning for a concussion in the Boston series. I want to say it matters, but Kevin Love had the worst plus/minus in last year’s finals meeting. Stephen Curry looks to be himself, but previous Finals appearances have not provided us with any indication he’ll play up to an MVP level. The Warriors, without Iggy in the lineup, seem to play Isolation basketball more than they should, although they did not go that direction in the second half of Game 7 against the Rockets. The Warriors defense is less motivated than it should be, and the Cavaliers do not provide the shooting capable to keep their defense honest. Lebron will be Lebron: As in doing everything for the Cavaliers except win. Kyle Korver is shooting more, but he and Jeff Green seem to be the only consistent viable options for the Cavaliers: The Warriors next options after their star is either Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, depending on who you call the star of the team, so there’s that. Cavaliers defense is consistently bad, and the Warriors present the best offense they will face. Their shooting on open threes is right around 32%, and that will not cut it against the Warriors who will relish Lebron and company fighting and tiring themselves out to get to the rim. Or, will the Warriors bait the Cavaliers into heaving 40 threes a game while tiring them out as they did to the Rockets.

I am trying. I am trying to find something to look forward to other than Lebron and the beautification of the Warriors gameplans. I want something competitive. I want what the Rockets gave us, hope. Hope that someone can do something against the Warriors team. The Cavaliers are not that good of a team, consistently. If they get hot from three they can definitely not get beat by 20 per game. Kyrie and Lebron had historical numbers last Finals and the Cavaliers still were smoked. Maybe the Warriors bench underperform again. Maybe the Cavaliers bench will surprise us, on the road. Maybe the Cavaliers will improve their offensive strategy. Maybe the Warriors won’t be the best we’ve ever seen. Never say never.

All a maybe. I am pulling for 7 games.

Bryan Colangelo and Drake: 46 Degrees of Separation

By: Will Stevenson

*I will tie in Brian Colangelo, Pusha T vs Drake, Quentin Miller (one of Drake’s Ghostwriter’s), Canada, and Drake’s producer all in one sentence. Watch.*

Good day. Wednesday in the sports world is usually filled with every cliché conversation you can think of: Lebron’s Legacy? Lebron’s Free Agency? Let’s change Baseball, and all the usual filler topics. Well, let us thank Thanos for Tuesday, because this will be a day we will never forget until Thursday at the least.

One to begin: Ben Simmons is dating a Khardashian, allegedly. Brent Brown resigned for three more years as Head Coach of the Sixers. Joel Embid is posterizing locals at an outdoor court (allegedly). Still, none of that even comes close to the “burner accounts” of one Bryan Colangelo. Allegedly.

Days of confusion. In other news, Pusha T became Pusha Tea and released a vile diss track towards Drake. Rosanne was cancelled. Did I get everything?

So in the world of uber-reaction and getting your take off faster than the speed of light, I would like to stand back and just watch this Colangelo-burner account story from afar. I’m not actually concerned with what he said, because from what we have all experienced in the past 10 years: Things aren’t what they seem to be when social media is involved. So I ask the question, “Why now?”

Pardon the redundancy, but why now is this story here? Why did the leak even get out? Just like the information Pusha T put in his diss track about Drake, how did said information get to him in the first place? Apparently he had been doing this for a while, and similar to Kevin Durant and Roger Goddell’s better half; Why?

Let’s find some . Since the cancelling of House of Cards (for obvious reasons), this ole country has found a way to revitalize the series in real Sims-form. It seems as if everyone with a piece of power is attempting to emulate one Frank Underwood and his ability to do snake his way to power by controlling the narrative. If one can remember the show without falling into a pit of misery, you would find Underwood using others in the media for secret sources and being a fake source to control any narrative he wished. There’s a big difference between the show and these events: Real people, no editing, and no prep. Well, one out of three (no conspiracy theories for today). Is this the new age of being a ghostwriter? Is life so hard and stressful you need 5 burner accounts to get your takes off while being anonymous. Allegedly. With the amount of money in their hands, I would assume he could get someone to do this for him. Allegedly.

A parallel always lies beneath. I’m currently reading, Trust Me, I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday, and from what I’ve read so far, the tendency to be an egomanic is always high on the list in this society when needing to control the narrative through social media. Once you mix that with anonymity you have a perfect profile of an insecure egomanic. We all want to get our takes off on the net, and it does not matter who you are or what your social status may be. A person can have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while also having a different personality for each social media platform. When you have that spotlight, you cannot speak as freely as you wish. We know that. Even regular people like me can get checked at any time if we say something out-of-place. Now most are not paying attention to you and I with a microscope like Colangelo and Durant, but we can still be put in that uncomfortable spotlight at any time.

Now one problem, this ain’t that. Looks as if Colangelo just wanted to be one of the gasbags. Allegedly. You have to admit it seems very tantalizing to be in that position of power and saying whatever you want without consequence. Trump makes it look easy. Comedians make it look easy. Sports’ gasbags make it look easy. There are checks and balances in these arenas for the most part, even through social media sites. Yes, you’ll get a Jemele Hill or a social media coordinator that says something that doesn’t line up with the company, but for the most part people keep it in range.

So Brian: What is you doing playa?!?

All this money, all these resources and you had to do it yourself? Allegedly. You out here getting these takes off from a burner? Allegedly. Does Sam Hinkie have you all in your feelings? Not allegedly.

I have seen enough to not believe this story in totality or take it at face value. There’s more, and once that more comes to light, there’s probably 40% that will go unreported, or left on the cutting room floor as they say in journalism. It all started with Fultz’s shoulder if you think about it. Then the Sixers emerge as placeholders in the Eastern Conference. Players stay relatively healthy and you win a playoff series versus the Heat. Lebron is a free agent and Kawhi is on the market. You want to stay young and grow, but that’s what Hinkie would do. The media, the fanbase and I would assume others in the organization want to go big this summer and the next with Lebron leaving Cleveland. Allegedly. Maybe they want new leadership and this was the “package” that was presented to him. Maybe Bryan Colangelo did all of this. Maybe he didn’t. Either way, the story is out and he already singing on himself. That’s wild right? Colangelo literally had to snitch on himself about a fake account that was him.

Making money is not enough these days. Getting the praise is not enough these days. We want more. We want control. We want to write our own stories without someone else telling their version. Maybe Quentin Miller and Brian Colangelo should do a collabaration with 40. Now that’s 6 degrees of separation.

Nobody… Too soon…

Rise of the Empire: 8 Notes from the 2018 Schedule

By Niner Faithful


After months of anticipation and “leaks”, the Niners 2018 schedule came out Thursday night. The Niners will have 5 primetime games. 2 Monday night games Week 6 @ Green Bay and Week 10 against the New York Giants. 2 Sunday night games Week 13 @ Seattle and Week 7 against the Yams. And the last one the home game I’m looking forward to the most week 9 Thursday night against the Raiders. This week I thought I’d go over something’s that is interesting about our schedule.


  1. Each of our 4 Biggest Free Agents play their former team.


Jerick McKinnon, Weston Richburgh, Richard Shermen, Jermah Attaochu and Korey Toomer all play their former teams this year. The first to do it is Jerick McKinnon in week 1 against the Vikings. Then Jermah Attaochu and Korey Toomer play the Chargers in week 4.Weston Richburg plays the Giants at Levis in week 10. And the last to do it is Richard Shermen when we play the Seacocks in weeks 13 and 15. Kyle Shanahan likes to make players who have connections to a city a team captain for that week. So look for these players to be captains for those games.


  1. The Niners leave the west coast only once after week 6

One of the benefits of having a road-heavy schedule the first 6 games of the season (4 of our first 6 games are on the road). After our Monday Night Football game at Lambeau Field, the only time the Niners leave the west coast is to play the Bucs in Tampa Bay in week 12. 6 of our last 10 games are at home and 2 of the 4 remaining road games are in LA. The Niners only leave California twice after week 8 (Tampa Bay and Seattle). And we don’t leave Pacific Time zone after Tampa Bay. The last time the Niners didn’t leave the Pacific time zone in the month of December was 2014. Since we play a lot of home games in December this would be the perfect year to start winning at Levis.


  1. The Niners open the season on the road for the first time since 2014


The Niners open the 2018 season at US Bank Stadium in Minnesota. It’s the first time the Niners have opened on the road since 2014 when we beat the Cry Girls 28-17 (it was P Wills last game 😦 )The Niners play 3 of our first 4 games on the road for the first time since 2012.


  1. The Niners have 2 bye weeks…..Sort of


For the second year in a row, the Niners will have their bye week in week 11. We play the Raiders Thursday, November 1st at Levis and don’t play again till we play the Giants Monday Night November 12th at Levis.  Add that to our week 11 bye and we got 11 days between the Raiders and Giants game and 13 days between the Giants game and the Bucs game. The schedule makers didn’t do the Niners any favors in the early part of the season but, it does make the latter part of the year less of a grind.


  1. Niners are the only team with 5 prime time games with a losing record


For the first time since 2014, the Niners will have 5 prime time games on the schedule and 3 prime time games at Levis. Monday night at Green Bay week 6, Sunday Night vs. the Yams week 7, Thursday Night vs. the Raiders week 9, Monday Night vs. the Giants week 10, and the last one of the year is Sunday Night at Seattle week 13. The Niners have an 8 game winning streak on Monday Night Football a franchise record.


  1. The Niners are the only team with 5 prime time games with a losing record


The Niners and 9 other teams (Cowboys, Packers, Chiefs, Rams, Patriots, Saints, Eagles, Steelers, Seahawks) were given the 5 game maximum allowed at the time of the schedule release (this is because the NFL can flex games into prime time and some teams may have more than 5). Out of all ten teams, the Niners are the only ones that had a losing record in 2017. Think that has to do with Jimmy G Cool much?


  1. Detroit and Oakland will be making their first trips to Levis


Denver will play its first regular-season game at Levis this year but they played the first-ever preseason game at Levis ever in 2014. The Lions and Raiders come to Levis for the first (and for the Raiders only) time this year. After this season the only teams left that have not played a regular season game at Levis are all from the AFC Miami, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Houston (although they have been to Levis for a preseason game) and Indianapolis. Unless we play these teams in the preseason we’ll play Pittsburgh and Cleveland in 2019. Miami and Buffalo in 2020 and Houston and Indianapolis in 2021.


  1. The Niners only play 3 playoff teams


Another break that the Niners will benefit from is the way the NFL schedule is set up. You play a Non-Conference Division, a Division in your conference and 2 teams that finish in the same place as you in your Division. Besides the normal 6 games within your division. Because of this the Niners only have 4 games against playoff teams this year. Week 1 in Minnesota, Week 3 in Kansas City, and Week 7 vs. the Yams and Week 17 in LA. Also, the Niners play 6 games against teams with sub .500 records last year (Denver, Oakland, New York, Green Bay, Chicago, and Tampa Bay). Little things like this can sometimes be the difference between finishing 6-10 and 12-4. 


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Jed York Deserves credit where credit is due

Jed York has received his fair share if criticism since the decision to fire Jim Harbaugh hire Jim Tomsula and Chip Kelly but for mostly for the his loyalty to Trent Baalke after it was clear that he was not getting the job done. We all know about the planes that flew over Levis, the websites that were stared to get him fired and all of that. Now let me be clear I was just as hard on Jed as anyone but I knew Denise York wasn’t going to fire her baby boy. I said he needed to put his ego aside and hire someone to make football diction’s and then get the hell out of the way and do what he does best sign the checks. Then last off-season Jed did two things no one thought he could do. He kept the Niners interviewing John Lynch a secret and most importantly made the right decisions in hiring the Niners new GM and Head Coach. Not everything was perfect in year one of the Lynchahan era (yes I really just said Lynchahan). The Niners started off 0-9 the worst start in 71 years of football, but as we all know everything changed Oct 30th 2017 when Bill Belichick texted Kyle Shanahan to see if the Niners were interested in trading our 2nd round pick for Jimmy G Cool. As I have said many times Trent Balkke doesn’t make that trade. There is no 5 game winning streak and who knows who our QB would be. Now John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan will get all the credit for turning around this proud franchise and rightfully so. Now I am not saying Jed is perfect. I’m not saying he’s no longer a spoiled brat. I know he’ll still make mistakes as all but Jesus have. But the faithful need to stand up and give a round of applause to Jed for finally doing what needed to be done not just in hiring Lynchahan but in firing (albeit 3 seasons too late) Balkke and basically saying I messed up but I’m going to fix this.

Jimmy G Cool: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

By Niner Faithful

Jimmy G Cool is a Niner for the next 5 years!!!!! He’s not being traded, he’s not going back to New England or any other of the nonsense we have heard since basically he was traded here. And all parties involved deserve all the credit in the world for getting this not only done but done so fast. This could have gotten ugly, especially since Jimmy held all the cards. He could have made the Niners use the franchise tag and waited until the last minute to sign just to squeeze every last penny out of the Niners, but he didn’t. The Niners could have listened to all the outside noise on how he only started 7 games or my personal favorite we should trade him and sign Kirk Cousins, but they didn’t. So how did this deal get done so fast? The answer is quite simple; both sides wanted this deal to happen. John Lynch said on many occasions it was the Niners intent to make Jimmy “A Niner for a long long time”. Now while I personally never heard Jimmy say “I want to be a Niner for a long long time” However, he did talk to John Lynch right before he left to start the offseason and according to John Lynch, he felt comfortable where Jimmy stood. At the press conference he did finally something pretty close “this is where I want to be honestly” but you can expect someone who just became a millionaire to say that. Now I do believe that Jimmy did want to be here for many reasons “It is 75 here it’s not a snow storm like Chicago” and as I stated in one of my previous blogs Kyle Shanahan. Now, of course, Jimmy made this decision on more than great weather and his head coach. He talked about how since the day he arrived at 4949 Centennial Blvd. everyone has been welcoming to him. He talked about how at the end of the Titans game Levis was electric and although he won’t really talk about it I know he has to see the fever that has swept over the bay since he took over as the Niners starter in week 13. But he will soon come to realize the expiations that come from playing QB for this franchise if he doesn’t already. He will lose a game, he will get put on his ass, hell he might even get booed. I believe the Niners has found our quarterback for the next 10+ years I believe he will take us to the promise land but then again I could be wrong only time will tell.

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